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The situation is more serious than I thought. Not only my account at profusehost is suspended, but the domain name too. I got a mail today regarding that. This is what the mail says:

“Recently, we have been made aware that a domain name registered by you is being involved in Phishing Activities. All such domain names involved in any such activity, are strictly against Registrar’s AUP. Hence we have currently suspended the domain names due to such abuse.”

Still, I am not aware of what exactly happened. I have asked my domain registar to sort out the issue and also for the logs of my account from profusehost. The logs of my account might help to know what exactly happened. I think these all happened because of some misunderstanding and hope everything will be fine soon.

Also, I have changed the structure of Cool-Works website and servers. I lost my patience after waiting a long time for the domain to get registered. So, I registered a free domain name ( Till the main domain is registered, this will be the URL for the site. All the servers will be accessible as a subdomain of this. Currently, there are two; and

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Holidays passed away very fast. The only special thing that happened today was that I prepared a post regarding “Hosting a site for free” to be posted at – Blog. I think it was at the last of 2007, I posted anything there and still only one post is present there. Many of my friends asked me about hosting a site for free and this post is the answer for all their doubts.

But, the post dosen’t have the luck to be there in net today. My hosting account at profusehost is suspended due to some unknown reason. I got a mail from them without a proper description on why my account was suspended. I have submitted a request regarding it. I also received another mail from PayPal, telling that “my website has been compromised”. I don’t know what it mean and whether it has something to do with the suspension of my hosting account.

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Today, I thought deeply of managing web designing as a part time job. The main thing what I lack is support. Parents don’t like me spending lot of time with computer and Internet and they says that I am wasting lot of my time with computer. If I get someone with ideas like mine, it won’t take long for me to start web designing as a part time job… With my more than 5 years experience with the web and its technologies and services, I think I have got enough exposure with the field.

Another field is that of free software. I hope that the GNU Lab project at college will be helpful in gaining exposure in that field too.

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The profusehost server where most part of my sites are hosted was down for more than two days due to some maintainance works. It was the longest down time, I ever had with profusehost and its ok now. As per the administrator of Profuse Community, the downtime lasted only for a small time, and the downtime that we had was due to the DNS errors. As per the WebCEO monitoring of my site, the estimated downtime was 56h 5min 28sec. But still, I recommend profusehost for free hosting.

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In my quest for free hosting services with MySQL and PHP support, I came across two today. Though they are not at all comparable with Profusehost, which I use now; it will be good for those who won’t like ads placed on their pages. These two provides 200MB storage space and 5GB bandwidth per month. They supports FTP too. They are byethost13 and AwardSpace. On the other hand, Profusehost provides 2GB storage space, 100GB bandwidth per month, C-Panel, Fatanstico, FTP, SMTP, POP supports and many more. Also, the Profuse community provides good support too. The free hosting has two options; one with ads on all pages and the other, post for host which needs to do 30 posts a month in Profuse community.

Also, I installed Joomla for the SMC site. I tried to make a few changes but there were few problems related to displaying Malayalam.

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