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Here is my wish list:

  • A full HD 22″ monitor for home use as I am not much productive with laptop, while at home.[20/04/2018] HP22w it is.
  • A pretty good phone compatible with LineageOS as the YU 5010 (Yuphoria) is near to death. [19/03/2018] Got hold of a used Nextbit Robin. Good enough for my needs.
  • Raspberry Pi B to play with pfsense firewall and others
  • A geared cycle, possibly Montra Trance / Blues. Bought a used Montra Trance
  • A new 14″ Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, so that I can give the one I have to my brother. [05/03/2016] Switched to Thinkpad T430s after the hinges of old laptop got damaged.
  • An SSD above 120GB storage similar to Samsung 840 EVO for better performance. In just one year, my Thinkpad’s HDD developed bad sectors and is unable to run an OS. Using a spare HDD now.[10-07-2014] Bought a Transcend TS128GSSD340, a 128GB SSD from SnapDeal. The performance as well as battery life of my ThinkPad has improved greatly.
  • A bicycle for traveling to and fro office. [24-09-2012] Bought a Hercules Rodeo Torrent VX, along with Vijay S Paul. Only Orange color was available.
  • My HP nc6220 laptop is dying. So, the next choice is Lenovo Thinkpad E420 (1141-BPQ) [24/08/2012] Thinkpad E430 finally! Thanks to my parents for the financial support and my cousin Prakash for arranging it at the lowest cost possible.
  • 7″ FlyTouch 2 Android based Tablet PC or a similar one. (For my brother infact 🙂 ) [25/10/2012] Bought a Penta T Pad 709C from SnapDeal as a Birthday gift for my brother.
  • 1TB external HDD (The 500GB is almost full!) [15/01/2011] Decided to get rid of my hobby of storing films in HDD as well as optical media. Lot of storage space saved. Plans to give cloud storage a try!
  • A spare battery for my LG Optimus One (The battery won’t last during long journeys) [29/07/2012] Bought a portable mechanical charger from Ebay. Lets see how it goes.
  • A high speed internet connection at home. [28/12/2011] Finally Broadband connectivity @ home. Wireless Internet access everywhere 🙂
  • Android Phone [21/06/2011] Bought LG optimus One! Android 2.2
  • 500 GB portable external Hard disk. (Just 80GB HDD in my Laptop 🙁 ) [20/04/2011] Seagate Expansion
  • SLR Camera [07/02/2011] Bought a Fujifilm Finepix AV100 Entry level digital camera. Let me first study the basics of photography 🙂