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Two new good free hosts

In my quest for free hosting services with MySQL and PHP support, I came across two today. Though they are not at all comparable with Profusehost, which I use now; it will be good for those who won’t like ads placed on their pages. These two provides 200MB storage space and 5GB bandwidth per month. They supports FTP too. They are byethost13 and AwardSpace. On the other hand, Profusehost provides 2GB storage space, 100GB bandwidth per month, C-Panel, Fatanstico, FTP, SMTP, POP supports and many more. Also, the Profuse community provides good support too. The free hosting has two options; one with ads on all pages and the other, post for host which needs to do 30 posts a month in Profuse community.

Also, I installed Joomla for the SMC site. I tried to make a few changes but there were few problems related to displaying Malayalam.

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