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Just found out the time line for the next Long Term Support(LTS) version of Ubuntu. Thought it will be worth sharing.

I wasn’t blogging for a long time as I was busy with few works and MESTECH, the annual technical fest at MESCE. Due to the recent situations at college, the event was postponed indefinitely. Let those happenings be another post šŸ™‚

Ubuntu 10.04 Timeline

Ubuntu 10.04 Timeline

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Mozilla Firefox and its clones were my favourite browser for a long time since its first release and I have been a member of spreadfirfox too from its beginning. Few months before, I joined mozilla campusrep program just because of fascination. I registered for the swag pack thinking of using it for the MESTECH, but was not sure whether I’ll be selected.

2 days ago, I received my swag pack, including a T-shirt(my size is small, but received a large), stickers, tattoos, badges, tags and armbands. Here are few snaps…

MESTECH, the annual technical fest of MESCE is currently scheduled on 18th and 19th of November. Hoping arrange a stall for FOSS and firefox.

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Four of us from MESCE, went to participate in the annual techno-management festival at NIT Calicut; Tathva 08. It was raining heavily from the morning and when we reached Calicut, the roads were all flooded.

After reaching NITC, we all went to confirm our registration. We all were surprised to hear about the registration fee of RS200. I thought of a nominal fee, but this was really high and was not mentioned in the site. After registration, we went for the first event; “Tux of War”, related to Linux commands. We were able to answer only a few questions and there was no hope to pass the prelims. The next event which we participated was the “C debugging”, named “Koder Kombat”. There was a ray of hope to pass the prelims. We visited few of the stalls, including “Transporter”, “Wheels”,etc but the rain wasted lot of the time. I planned to stay there, but later changed my plan due to the climate as all my dress were wet.

We returned back home after 4.30PM. The train journey from Calicut to Kuttippuram in the Chennai mail was a different experience. The train was overcrowded due to rush of Diwali. The results of prelims of “Koder Kombat” were not in favor of us, even though I wasn’t interested in going back.

It was a new experience as it was the first time I participated in such an event. We all returned with a lot of new ideas about new technologies and how to organize an event like this. It might be helpful to organize “MESTECH” next year if its going to happen.

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First university exam was over today.Ā Engineering Mathematics I was tough and many are in the doubt that whether they will pass. Hope it won’t be the same with others.

MESTECH was amazing, especially the bike stunts. Many has taken videos and photos of the event and I’ll be uploading some soon. The exhibition of bikes were also good. Bikes which costs more than 20 lakhs were present in the exhibition.


I also attended a class by Kiranchand on Web Hosting. ItĀ helped me to know beyond what I could study with the free hosting services, like the admin panel of CPanel, etc.

There were many competitions which I could participate, like quiz, debugging, web designing, etc. It was really a loss for me.

Today, from Shyam, I got the testing version of Debian Lenny DVD. I upgraded etch to Lenny. It looks nice and is working, but still there are a few compatibility problems with the softwares. So, most probably, I’ll be reinstalling it tomorrow.

Photos are added later, taken by Najeeb in his Nokia N70

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Today was the official launch of Mozilla Firefox 3, the revolutionary open source web browser. Its aiming to setup a new world record of the most downloaded software in a day. Though my Beta 5 version of Firefox 3 upgraded automatically to Firefox 3 a week ago, I also became a part of the Guinness World record by downloading Firefox 3 from the college lab as a part of the download party organized at college by GNULab. Here is the screenshot of the certificate I got.

Mozilla Firefox 3 - Download Certificate

Mozilla Firefox 3 - Download Certificate

The only special thing that happened in these few days was that my mother’s sister and family came home from Chennai forĀ vacation. With these days at hostel and home, I noticed that I could study more when I am with my friends than I am alone.

MESTECH, the annual technical festival of MES College of Engineering is scheduled tomorrow and day after tomorrow. It will be a great miss for S1S2 students and especially me as I will miss a few seminars and contests.

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