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For a long time, the issue with uploading files to Media Library was there in the blog. Since I wasn’t updating it frequently, it wasn’t bothering me much

When I tries to upload a media file, everything goes smoothly, but finally the file won’t be there in the uploads directory. I played a lot with file/directory permissions, but without success. The same configuration works in other wordpress blogs too.

Figured it out today that the issue was with the Media Path where files are to be stored, which can be found at <wordpress url>/wp-admin/options-media.php or the direct database entry “upload_path” in “options” or “wp_options” table depending on the table prefix.

I might have forgot to update the upload path when the site was migrated to the new server.

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Recently, I received a free 128MB chunk (That’s what they call a VPS) with 3GB storage and 35GB bandwidth per month for free. They says that its free for lifetime, if put into some use. My plan is to use it for delivering this site, which runs on wordpress, along with few other stuffs.

128MB RAM is very limited and there is no extra burst memory available. But, being a XEN VPS, I hope to get a satisfactory performance. The first thing I did was to measure the performance using UnixBench benchmark suite and the report is as follows.

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Its a question, lot of my friends asked. I explained them that the name was a typo error(or spelling mistake or what you may call it). Many are not happy with the explanation and hence I thought of making it a blog post. You might feel it autobiographical. It covers major things that happened from my high school till now.

All my web hosting and designing stuffs started when I was in 9th standard at THSS Vattamkulam. We there had a subject based on Computers in 8th, 9th as well as 10th. It was a subject special for THSS. So, we didn’t have any prescribed text books. The IT club decided to make a organized digital copy of all the content and make it available for all. It was Hari sir who led the team and me and Krishnaraj were assigned the work of collecting the stuff for 8th. Unfortunately, not much among the groups took it seriously and the project was abandoned. We had some content, roughly about 10 pages. So, we decided to put it up somewhere. We went out in search of free hosting and came across few ones with ads. We decided to put it under our class name and thus, we became the first internet club from our school. That was the Comrades group. The website later become entirely focused on the class and the activities within. It was Krishnaraj, who worked more than me as he had a computer that time.

Inspired on seeing our work viewed by lot of people, I started a site for my on, which was of the form of a portal that time with just raw HTML. I still remember the account and it was on Then came the problem with name. I needed some name which sounds interesting and has a meaning. So, I started checking out the Webster’s dictionary page by page. The book was so big and looking word by word was really horrible. After a few days, I came across a word with the meaning “small storm”. Thus, came to exist. For long time, I believed that the word was “Bizzard” itself. Time to time I shifted the hosting and ended up with profusehost. Profusehost was really great, having C-Panel and 2GB space, still having ads, but with the freedom to place it according to the site theme. It was from there, I came in touch with Coppermine and WordPress. All these happened during 2003-05 period. During the last of 2005, I came across an ad of .info domains @ just RS 100 from an IT magazine. I checked for Bizzard and it was there. Thus, came, which was parked to my Profusehost account. During those days, I was depending the school library for the HTML books and the lab for the internet and computer facilities. Whenever the classes were left early, I ran to to the Internet cafes at Edapal for updating the site. The site had nothing serious, just some photos, so and so, but I was really crazy with it.

After my 10th, during the vacation, on 5th May 2005, I became a proud owner of a P4 2.4GHz system with *0GB HDD and 256MB RAM, which I continue to use now too.

I don’t exactly remember, who pointed me the spelling suggestions that showed up, when googling for Bizzard. It usually comes when such a word is not in the dictionary. I rechecked the Websters and I had to accept the fact that the name Bizzard was a spelling mistake from my part. The real word was “Blizzard”. I missed out a “l”. But it was too late to correct as it gained popularity among my friends. No domains with the name “Blizzard” was available and that made me somewhat happy. I decided to continue with the name and so, its still Bizzard.

At profusehost, I moved to post for host without any ads. Had to make 30 posts a month in the profuse community forum(later reduced to 15). The forum will be almost dead for the first three weeks a month and the fourth week, it will be crowded with posts. The situation still continues. Along with, I maintained the Comrades site and a personal site for myself;

I completed my +2 from THSS itself, joined MESCE for B-Tech and by the time, I changed completely to GNU/Linux and became interested in free software, studied CSS, PHP, MySQL, worked a lot with blogs, galleries, CMS, etc their theming and plugins and started making websites as a freelancer.

As my work increased, two months before, I handed over the control of to my friend Jom, who seemed to have interest with it and had his own ideas. But, two times, he failed to complete the post quota at Profuse community and the site got suspended. So, I reacquired the domain and now using it as my personal site. I started loving to be called bizzard in the E-World.

I now work with Cool-Works Web & FOSS Solutions, founded by me and my cousin Prakash, with the support of my friends, especially Krishnaraj, who was with me from 8th and still in same college, same class, same bench 🙂 I now deals with Web Designing, Consultation, Design, SEO and other web related stuffs.

Hope its all clear. Its now more than 5 years in am onto this field. I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with those who are interested. You can also contact me for any consultation during my free time and its always free of cost 🙂 You can call me, mail me or come to chat with me. Please don’t give me miss calls. I am tired of having many.

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Today, I migrated the blog to new server. It was earlier on a free account at Though it was easier to manage, I was unable to make changes with the theme and there were restrictions with using PHP and other codes. Hiran, who setup his blog a few days before was my inspiration to move my blog to the new server. Also, my friend Krishnaraj, who designed a wordpress theme for his blog(not yet published) inspired me to have a self made theme for my blog. I haven’t messed up much with wordpress theming in the past, but managed to create a simple theme, yesterday night.

The whole theme is based on the colour brown(similar to what Ubuntu have). Though its not my favorite colour, I liked the look when implemented and settled with it. The layout of the site was based on a free HTML template, which I downloaded from net somewhere in the past. I forgot the site from which I downloaded it and so, I couldn’t give a back link. I’ll always be happy to give credits to the designer who basically designed the layout.

Still there are much more to improve. So, if you find any bugs with the site, please report. Comments about the site theme are always welcome.

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After a long communication with the Public Domain Registry abuse desk, my domain was unsuspended. The hosting account at profusehost was also unsuspended. I thank the profusehost team for their patience and support for not terminating the account, though it was inactive for almost a month. I think the problem was caused because of the permissions with the directory in gallery section. Its all ok now and I’ll be upgrading the gallery and blog to the latest versions to avoid further security risks.

Though the domain is active now, its about to expire next week. The current pricing for renewal has increased to more than INR400 per year from around INR325 last month. The reason was the hike in exchange rate for US Dollar; which is currently around INR50. The rate was less than INR40; 2 two months back.

I also managed to create a simple theme for my blog today night. I’ll be migrating the blog to a new server soon.

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