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Four of us from MESCE, went to participate in the annual techno-management festival at NIT Calicut; Tathva 08. It was raining heavily from the morning and when we reached Calicut, the roads were all flooded.

After reaching NITC, we all went to confirm our registration. We all were surprised to hear about the registration fee of RS200. I thought of a nominal fee, but this was really high and was not mentioned in the site. After registration, we went for the first event; “Tux of War”, related to Linux commands. We were able to answer only a few questions and there was no hope to pass the prelims. The next event which we participated was the “C debugging”, named “Koder Kombat”. There was a ray of hope to pass the prelims. We visited few of the stalls, including “Transporter”, “Wheels”,etc but the rain wasted lot of the time. I planned to stay there, but later changed my plan due to the climate as all my dress were wet.

We returned back home after 4.30PM. The train journey from Calicut to Kuttippuram in the Chennai mail was a different experience. The train was overcrowded due to rush of Diwali. The results of prelims of “Koder Kombat” were not in favor of us, even though I wasn’t interested in going back.

It was a new experience as it was the first time I participated in such an event. We all returned with a lot of new ideas about new technologies and how to organize an event like this. It might be helpful to organize “MESTECH” next year if its going to happen.

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Last three days witnessed great rain here in Kerala. Its due to the low pressure formed in the Bey of Bengal and is said to last for a few more days. The rain was comparatively less today. In the three days, roads were flooded and many damages were caused, mainly in the agricultural sector. As usual as in rainy days, the electricity played hide and seek with the rain. Any way, the rain might reduce the scarcity of drinking water during the summer.

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Yesterday noon, I went to Kuttippuram from college to send the DD for the renewal of my domain for one year. I was tensed to see the post office closed and enquired about it nearby. But, no one knew the reason. I wandered there to find a courier service but didn’t found any. At last, one shop keeper told me that the post office was shifted to a building in the back side of the old one. I found it out and was relieved as the DD will reach Cochin in time.

The rain yesterday evening , was one of the heaviest rain I have seen. It started by about 4.45PM and ended by 7.30PM. The roads were all covered with water and I had to wait for half an hour in a shop in the road side for the rain to calm down a bit. While running to home, I couldn’t even see the road as it was all covered with water. And because of the rain, one more day without electricity.

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