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Its now more than 2 months, that we(me and my colleagues aka Flipperz) attended the class. More precisely, we last attended regular classes on 14th of August. On 15th evening, we left for our 5 day tour and when we were back, it was time for study leave. Theory exams were like a marathon, which took more than a month to finish, even though there were 6 subjects. After that came the DSA Lab practicals. Mine was over on 14th this month, but exams continues till 21st as we have two batches in CSE. So, as a result, almost 2 and a half months without classes, which is one of the largest gap, in my entire school/college days. Still, one more practical is left and there are chances for it to be being scheduled by the end of this month. So, the gap will increase again.

When there are regular classes, we all will be looking for ways to get a leave. Now, as far as I know, all are hoping for the classes to start soon; not because of the thrive to study, but it feels being irritated staying home, without the company of friends and the jokes and other stuffs that happens daily @ college. For me, I spent most of the time at Fastech Systems, doing this and that, playing network games, browsing net and so on.

What made me think about writing this post is the upcoming 5th semester, which we call by the pen name “S5”. Its just two months remaining to complete the portions and it makes me feel very HAPPY to think that 2 subjects have NOT yet started and there are more than 3 modules left in the rest. In this short time, we must attend two internals too…

Oh God, please have mercy on us. Please don’t make the teachers think of taking extra classes šŸ™

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First university exam was over today.Ā Engineering Mathematics I was tough and many are in the doubt that whether they will pass. Hope it won’t be the same with others.

MESTECH was amazing, especially the bike stunts. Many has taken videos and photos of the event and I’ll be uploading some soon. The exhibition of bikes were also good. Bikes which costs more than 20 lakhs were present in the exhibition.


I also attended a class by Kiranchand on Web Hosting. ItĀ helped me to know beyond what I could study with the free hosting services, like the admin panel of CPanel, etc.

There were many competitions which I could participate, like quiz, debugging, web designing, etc. It was really a loss for me.

Today, from Shyam, I got the testing version of Debian Lenny DVD. I upgraded etch to Lenny. It looks nice and is working, but still there are a few compatibility problems with the softwares. So, most probably, I’ll be reinstalling it tomorrow.

Photos are added later, taken by Najeeb in his Nokia N70

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For the previous two days, I was in the hostel named “Truth”, as a guest of my classmate and friend; Najeeb. My mother’s sister and their family came from Chennai as Hari ettan is having vacation after the exams. He is also studying for B-Tech, but their first year exams completed on time. I think only B-Tech exams under Calicut University is left to be finished among all universities in India. Since the time table is not yet announced, we were looking for another change in exam date and the official announcement came today. As per the new announcement, exams start on 19th and ends on July 9.

Today I came back home just to see the doctor, because my spectacles broke two days ago and the head ache started again. I has been wearing spectacles for more than two years. So, the doctor asked me to come after two days for checking the power once again.

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Combined Ist and IInd Semester B-Tech Engineering Examinations of Calicut University for the year 2008 is announced to start on 13th June, 20 days late than hoped. The time table will be announced later. The announcement is in the newspapers, but not yet published in official site of Calicut University.

So, now its time to start studies….

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