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Bad luck for the post; It has to wait for some more time

Holidays passed away very fast. The only special thing that happened today was that I prepared a post regarding “Hosting a site for free” to be posted at – Blog. I think it was at the last of 2007, I posted anything there and still only one post is present there. Many of my friends asked me about hosting a site for free and this post is the answer for all their doubts.

But, the post dosen’t have the luck to be there in net today. My hosting account at profusehost is suspended due to some unknown reason. I got a mail from them without a proper description on why my account was suspended. I have submitted a request regarding it. I also received another mail from PayPal, telling that “my website has been compromised”. I don’t know what it mean and whether it has something to do with the suspension of my hosting account.

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