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About Me

Co-founder of DayScholars & founder of Cool-Works | Web Developer | Programmer | Server Admin | FOSS Supporter | Naturalist | Simple Guy |

In Detail

My real name is Manu Krishnan T.V. There are many names, by which people call me, which includes tvm(A short form of my real name), Bizzard(The first TLD, which I registered), ManUbuntu(as I am an advocate of Free Software), Mannunni(Still don’t know why!).

I am from a village named Edayur, in Malappuram Dist, Kerala, India, presently living in Kochi shifted to Koramangala, Bangalore, with the awesome team of DayScholars. I was born on 25th May 1990 as the first son of Unni Krishnan K and Sheela T.V. My father has been working abroad(Bahrain), now settled here in Kerala and my mother is a high school teacher. I have two younger brothers; Midhun and Mahi, 11 and 13 years younger than me.

[01-08-2011] Presently, I am attending GATE coaching @ Ace Engineering Academy, Hyderabad.

[15-12-2011] Back home from Hyderabad. Preparing for GATE 2012

[20-04-2012] GATE wasn’t as bad as expected. Now, following my dreams with the awesome team of DayScholars.

My hobbies are programming, web designing, chatting with friends, fighting with my brothers, watching movies, reading novels, etc. I adore the Free Software and GNU Philosophy, and use and promote free software.

Have a look at my CV/Resume.


Computer Skills

  • Programming in C, C++, VB.
  • Web related programming with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Java script.
  • GNU/Linux server management
  • Experience in administering Coppermine Photo Gallery, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mediawiki, etc.
  • OS troubleshooting with Linux and Windows.
  • Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Networking in Linux and Windows environments.
  • Experience with software tools including Photoshop, Gimp, Flash(studying), Office packages, etc.

Work Experience

  • Part time service professional at Fastech Systems, Valanchery.
  • More than 6 years experience in professional web designing, hosting and related areas.
  • Project coordinator at DayScholars Innovations