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Strike on….

Its again strike. The reason is always the same; politics and students. Anyway, it lasted for only half day and the afternoon classes went without any problem. I went to Reliance web world at Edapal to check the status of Reliance Netconnect, which Mahesh gave me. The device is currently blocked due to pending bill and also the plans are high. The basic plan starts at RS175 and the usage charges are 60Paise /min during day time and 30paise/min during night.

Me, Krishnaraj, Jom and Sajjad planned to go for Tathva 08 at NIT Calicut, day after tomorrow. We will be participating in “Tux of Wars” and “Koder Kombat”. More details about Tathva 08 and the events can be found here.

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Its strike again… Now its for taking back some students who were suspended for some enquiry reasons. No one was allowed to enter the college and we were all in the hostel near by, named “Cuba”. Its the first time, our exams were not cancelled(Hope so as none attended).

Though there were plans to go for a film, we abandoned it and went to the river side. There were more than 6 from our classs and we enjoyed walking through the sand. We also got range for DD News in Aalok’s China made phone…:-)

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After one week of strike, college reopened today. There was high police protection in front of the college gate in the morning, but by evening there were only a few. I found that a discussion is going about the strike in the Orkut community of MES College of Engineering. It is quite useful to get the present situation of college.

Also, today we heard from the teachers that the first Series exams for S1S2 are scheduled for 7/12/2007, Friday. Its too near and if we had heard it before the strike, we could have prepared much better for it. If its so, we couldn’t conduct the Free Software workshop on the date proposed by Mahesh. So, there are chances for post ponding it to January 2008.

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