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Being a netizen, its a long time ambition for me to be self sufficient to run the basic online services needed. Basic services for me on internet include:

  • Mail
  • Website / Blog
  • Storage / Data Sync
  • Contacts
  • Calender
  • IM

Earlier, these were distributed over multiple providers, but now mostly revolves around Google. GMail for Mail, Google Analytics in Websites, Google drive for cloud storage, again Google Contacts, GTalk/Hangouts, Google+, etc. So, its also an effort to get out of Google services with minimum effect on usability.

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Holidays passed away very fast. The only special thing that happened today was that I prepared a post regarding “Hosting a site for free” to be posted at – Blog. I think it was at the last of 2007, I posted anything there and still only one post is present there. Many of my friends asked me about hosting a site for free and this post is the answer for all their doubts.

But, the post dosen’t have the luck to be there in net today. My hosting account at profusehost is suspended due to some unknown reason. I got a mail from them without a proper description on why my account was suspended. I have submitted a request regarding it. I also received another mail from PayPal, telling that “my website has been compromised”. I don’t know what it mean and whether it has something to do with the suspension of my hosting account.

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After a long thought, today, I registered a domain for myself; I also created a home page , with links to my blog, files section and others of my interest. This was all made possible because of the free DNS service at I think this service is very helpful for free web hosting. With a collection of quality free services, which I came across, it will be much easy to create a professional website for free. I am thinking seriously of creating a blog post on it. With the free DNS service, I created two sub domains for my blog and files section, which reduces the length of URL and also making it easy to remember.

The current structure of the site is:

* – Tvm’s personal blog
* – Tvm’s files section

Though I could make e-mail addresses with my domain, I am not doing it since its hard to manage all together. 🙂

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