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Exam postponed again. Its supposed to be on 19th

For the previous two days, I was in the hostel named “Truth”, as a guest of my classmate and friend; Najeeb. My mother’s sister and their family came from Chennai as Hari ettan is having vacation after the exams. He is also studying for B-Tech, but their first year exams completed on time. I think only B-Tech exams under Calicut University is left to be finished among all universities in India. Since the time table is not yet announced, we were looking for another change in exam date and the official announcement came today. As per the new announcement, exams start on 19th and ends on July 9.

Today I came back home just to see the doctor, because my spectacles broke two days ago and the head ache started again. I has been wearing spectacles for more than two years. So, the doctor asked me to come after two days for checking the power once again.

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