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Domain unsuspended at last

After a long communication with the Public Domain Registry abuse desk, my domain was unsuspended. The hosting account at profusehost was also unsuspended. I thank the profusehost team for their patience and support for not terminating the account, though it was inactive for almost a month. I think the problem was caused because of the permissions with the directory in gallery section. Its all ok now and I’ll be upgrading the gallery and blog to the latest versions to avoid further security risks.

Though the domain is active now, its about to expire next week. The current pricing for renewal has increased to more than INR400 per year from around INR325 last month. The reason was the hike in exchange rate for US Dollar; which is currently around INR50. The rate was less than INR40; 2 two months back.

I also managed to create a simple theme for my blog today night. I’ll be migrating the blog to a new server soon.

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