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A rainy day…

Yesterday noon, I went to Kuttippuram from college to send the DD for the renewal of my domain for one year. I was tensed to see the post office closed and enquired about it nearby. But, no one knew the reason. I wandered there to find a courier service but didn’t found any. At last, one shop keeper told me that the post office was shifted to a building in the back side of the old one. I found it out and was relieved as the DD will reach Cochin in time.

The rain yesterday evening , was one of the heaviest rain I have seen. It started by about 4.45PM and ended by 7.30PM. The roads were all covered with water and I had to wait for half an hour in a shop in the road side for the rain to calm down a bit. While running to home, I couldn’t even see the road as it was all covered with water. And because of the rain, one more day without electricity.

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