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Review of Tamil film: “Thuppakki” starring Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal

Theatre: Cinemax, Oberon Mall Kochi

Date: Saturday, 17th November 2012

Show: 10.15 PM to 1.15AM

Ticket Charge: RS 170

Audience: More than 95%

For the first time, watching movies from multiplex on consecutive days, that too with the peak ticket charge. Happy that both of them weren’t disappointing. Actually, I loved watching Thuppakki. This time it was Sharat, who came with the idea for a movie. He came all the way from Delhi(as he claims) to meet his friends, including us. Four of us tried to get tickets for “Theevram”, starring Dulqar Salman, but were late and there were only 3 tickets left. So, after roaming around Oberon mall for more than 2 hours, and a dinner with Pizza, decided to get in for “Thuppakki” and were forced to take the front row seats 🙁

Thuppakki Trailer

The expectation was a typical Vijay movie with stunts and songs, “Thuppakki” actually meets this, but beyond that there is something else too. Vijay plays the role of Jagadish, an army officer, who came on leave and his parents eager to get him married. From the station, he was directly taken to a bride-viewing ceremony (or whatever its called. Is there any other word for that?)  to see Nisha(Kajal Aggarwal). Jagadish rejects the proposal initially, but later fell in love with Nisha after a series of humor filled events. The plot takes place in Mumbai(Don’t know why, since almost all major characters are speaking Tamil and may be the director/story writer thought of relating the plot to the Mumbai attack), and a bomb blast in bus makes Jagadish and his police friend Balaji dig deeper into the issue. I didn’t expect Jayaram in the movie, who plays a good role as the senior officer of Jagadish.

Personally, I felt the name “Thuppakki” which means “The Gun” in English is apt for the movie, not just because of the action packed with guns, but two scenes, in which the hero asks two officers who helped terrorists, to choose from two guns, with which they would like to die. Watch the film and you will get to know more it yourself. The plot is somewhat like a Hollywood action movie, well shot, with minor errors creeping in like camera wires in scenes. Overall the film, dedicated to the soldiers in Indian army and their families, tries to convey a strong message about the efforts and sacrifice by the people in army to provide a peaceful atmosphere within the country. The negative role played by Vidyut Jamwal as the Sleeper cell’s leader is awesome from an actor’s point of view. His appearance itself shows the determination of the character, though its negative.

There are lots of funny scenes handed well by the actors, and as usual, songs with Vijay’s master piece dance steps. The songs aren’t that catchy as it used to be in Vijay films. There is nothing special to talk about Kajal Aggarwal’s role, who is presented as a boxer, but I don’t get why she is shown as mufti-talented in sports, in a whole song. For me, the happy thing was that I could find logic within the film, which was not given much importance in older Vijay films. There are many unexpected twists, with logic and A. R. Murugadoss must be given the credit for. Not a must watch, but an entertainer for around 3 hours, will rate it a 3.75 out of 5.

Foot note: My brothers are hardcore Vijay fans and they are gonna kick me, if they came to know I watched the film without them.

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