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Review of Malayalam film: “My Boss”, starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas

Theatre: Q Cinemas, Gold Souk Grande, Kochi

Date: Friday, 16th November 2012

Show: 10.50 PM to 1.30AM

Ticket Charge: RS 170 (Thanks to SBI Freedom Rewardz and BookMyShow)

Audience: Around 90%

It was just a moment’s choice to go for a film and was Shibili’s pick to go for “My Boss”. I supported, just because I love the comedy part. The film started on time and there was lot to laugh in the first half. Kalabhavan Shajon and Dileep entertains the viewers with comedy, the field they are comfortable with. Mamta’s appearance suits her character well, though you can’t find much similar people in real life. She appears as a rude boss in a IT firm @ Mumbai and the first half happens entirely at Mumbai. Being an Australian citizen, her visa is about to expire and she figures out marriage as an option to stay in India. She chooses her assistant, the character played by Dileep as her dummy husband. The story develops with this and few profession related issues. First half ends with both Dileep’s and Mamta’s characters; Manu and Priya boarding train to Alapuzha, Manu’s native place.

The second half starts with an unexpected twist, that Manu’s family is rich. There were few scenes in which the logic is questionable, like the issue with Priya wearing saree, but was overall okey. The reaction of the common people to Priya’s acts and Manu countering it will make people laugh to their hearts. The old song from East Coast Vijayan’s album “Enthinennariyilla” stays out of the situation. There aren’t much unexpected twists in the second half and as usual the film has a pleasant ending, with Manu proposing Priya in western style and Priya kissing him back.

My Boss Trailer

The detailed plot of film and related stuffs can be found here. The film never feels like lagging behind even though the story is much predictable. Overall, its watchable, for the comedy part, handed well by Dileep, once again showcasing he is good at it, but there is nothing much in the story nor any message to convey. The songs were not much catchy and doesn’t stay in mind. Will rate it 3.5 out of 5.

Heard that the movie is an adaptation of The Proposal which starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Will love to see it too and figure out the creativity put into this one by the crew.

NB: This is a new effort and is a result of the understanding that I am not much good at content writing. Thought of improving it, by writing blogs on different topics. So, you can expect more, somewhat like a post per day, but with variety in topics. 🙂

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