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Algorithm for preparing food :)

Does it sound funny? Its real.

Its now almost 2 months since we have shifted to Kochi. Here, there are 7 people living in a 2 storied house. During the first days, everyone was interested in cooking and morning walk. But, things changed very fast. Most of us now wake up by 10 in the morning, skips breakfast, whoever feels hungry, makes the food, etc. Few among us, who ates lot, couldn’t bear this and started complaining.

Since we already have bitter experience with the human made schedule for cooking  from our Hyderabad days, decided to go for a more technical solution. Thus, the food preparation schedule algorithm and the program was born.

Its a simple python program, uses the historical data to judge who has to prepare food, in our case 2 persons per group, doesn’t schedule a person for both times a day if more than 3 people are present that time, etc.

If you need to see the code, its at 

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