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GNU/Linux – Better, Cheaper, Faster

If you’ve never used GNU/Linux before and have always opted for Windows, then you’re missing out big time. GNU/Linux is not only free, but it’s actually a far superior series of operating systems in many ways. Read on to learn about why this open-source approach is going to benefit you as a user of a computer.

Firstly, aren’t you tired of paying hand-over-fist for the latest operating system, only to realise that it’s full of bugs, slow, infested with bloatware and just generally not worth the money? Me too, and that’s one of the reasons GNU/Linux really is a demonstration of just how good an operating system can be despite its lack of a price tag.

This isn’t a hard-to-install OS, either – whether you’re a programmer or a player, all you need to do is know how to burn files to a disc. After that, it’s just a case of using that disc to install your new operating system. Presently, most GNU/Linux distributions support installations from USB drives too.

The best thing about GNU/Linux is the considerable choice you get, when it comes to your operating system. Believe it or not, it’s not just “Linux” – there are many different operating systems built using the foundations GNU and Linux has set down. Ubuntu is quite a common variation on the Linux theme – a friendly, easy-to-use method of doing anything from playing games to writing a novel.

Of course, GNU/Linux is also extremely fast – there’s no pre-installed bloatware to slow down your computer, and it makes optimum use of your system’s hardware capabilities. It’s really difficult to fault it for what it does, and even if it cost just as much as Windows you’d be hard-pressed to criticse the fact that all the software for it is – you guessed it – also free. GNU/Linux is an incredible boost to anyone tired of the current operating system market, so dig in and find your own computing happiness.

I personally use Debian in my Laptop and servers, but for newbies, I recommend Linux Mint

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