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Seminar Presentation: Python in Scientific Computing

Atlast, today I got the opertunity to deliver my seminar, which was part of 7th semester B-Tech syllabus. I was among the last few who couldn’t present on the sheduled time. My proposed date was Dec 2, 2010; the day of MESTECH ’10.

Unlike most of my classmates, I love to deliver talks or seminars, in front of audience, even if less in number. But this time only 2 lecturers were present and that too just to evaluate 🙁

The seminar was on Python is Scientific Computing, based on a paper by Travis E Oliphant.

Here goes the slide and its tex source. The presentation uses progressbar beamer theme by Sylvain Bouveret modified by my friend Jishnu.

Modified on Jan 6 2011: Jishnu threatned me for violating GPL license as I forgot to give credits. Added that 😀

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  1. kerala tours says:

    Python in Scientific Computing is one of the best topics for seminar…

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