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A successful day in my Linux explorations

After a long time, the latest version of Debian detected the USB modem in my LG G1600 phone. Querying is success, but I haven’t yet tried connecting net. I am always misfortunate, because by the time my system recognized the USB modem, Airtel, the service provider which I use for the GPRS connection has reduced the validity of RS 274 GPRS recharge from 30 days to 15. Now, I should try with Idea, which provide GPRS at the rate of RS 9 per day.

I was also successful in configuring the permissions of the fat32 file systems accessible through Linux. Now, I could give write permissions to individual users by editing the “etc/fstab” file. This is much needed for me as by brothers are also using my computer and I don’t want them to accidently delete any files in the fat32 partitions.

The exams till now, was somewhat easier compared to the first exam, M1. Four exams are over by now and there are five more left.

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