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RS 2 recharge coupons from AirTel

Here in Kerala, Airtel has introduced recharge coupons of RS 2.00 with the caption “Randil oru Gundu”. It is somewhat like trying luck. Every coupon will carry a gift, starting from a single AirTel to AirTel call to even 1 year validity. Due to the amazement, I bought 5 coupons. In total, I got 6 days extra validity, 1 minute any Local mobile call, 2 minutes AirTel to AirTel and 1 SMS. Its not so bad for RS 10, I think.

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3 thoughts on “RS 2 recharge coupons from AirTel

  1. Erin says:

    i found recharge copuon available online from,
    I can see they selling all recharge coupon online.

  2. haneef says:

    hey thanks erin, i was waiting for this kind of website only to do recharge online, because im not happy with recharge thourgh bank sites.

  3. Tvm says:

    That’s a nice thing to hear…
    But, almost all are out of stock now…

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