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Compiz….! Its really amazing

I heard a lot about Compiz from Shyam, Priyan and others, but couldn’t install it properly. Today, as Aadithyan said, I installed 3ddesktop from the Debian DVD. It worked, but was not much impressive. When I called Shyam, he said that 3ddesktop was a development stage of Compiz and Compiz is really great. So, I decided to give it a try once more. After installing Compiz and editing the xorg.conf file, I restarted the system and came across the error with loading GDM. But this time, I was able figure out the problem, which was with xorg.conf and corrected it.

When I ran Compiz, it was really amazing. with the Ctrl + Alt + combinations, I could get a 3D view of the workspaces, when I drag a window to the edge of the screen, it will come to the next workspace, Alt + Tab combination giving real time screen shots of programs and much more. It also provides effects while dragging or moving windows. I wonder how the creators managed to have this sophisticated thing in size even less than 500KB!

Though its cool, I encountered a few bugs. I think its because of the low memory(256MB) I have. I couldn’t watch videos while Compiz is running. The video screen goes black and only the sound will be there. Also, sometimes, the title bar disappears and the workspace switcher malfunctions. I have a little old version with me. So, these must have been corrected by now. Waiting for the permission of parents to activate GPRS so that I could download the newer version.

Anyway, Compiz is really GREAT!!!

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