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Talks on organising a program at MES and a bug related to IT@School GNU/Linux distro

The chats in IRC is now becoming a part of my daily routine. Today it was mainly about organizing a program at MES college of engineering to make the public and students aware about free softwares and its ipmortance and significance. Sub topics included booting problem with IT@School GNU/Linux in some mother boards, configuring GPRS internet in Debian and all. The chat log follows.

Conversation with #smc-project at 01/11/2007 8:59:39 PM on (irc)

(8:59:40 PM) The topic for #smc-project is: Save Kannada Campaign | സ്വതന്ത്ര വിവരത്തിന്റെ ഭൂതങ്ങള്‍ :എബന്‍ മോഗ്ലനുമായി അഭിമുഖം ഫ്രണ്ട്​ലൈനില്‍
(8:59:40 PM) aeshyama1: yaya
(8:59:41 PM) aeshyama1: thats it
(9:00:16 PM) aeshyama1: thats the topic no?
(9:01:02 PM) aeshyama1: we may have a demo of setting up gnu softwares and smc softwares and all…
(9:02:03 PM) aeshyama1: plus should we risk to say people to get their pcs or hard disks to our campus like those people did then?installation campaigns or so as seen in the revolution os video?
(9:02:23 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: thats a good idea
(9:02:50 PM) aeshyama1: we students cant do that priyan its risk remember the thing i went to soumya’s house?
(9:03:20 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: oooooooo
(9:03:26 PM) aeshyama1: jinsbond007: what u say?
(9:03:50 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: once shyam went to our classmate’s home and installed linux
(9:03:59 PM) aeshyama1: dada athu pinne parayam
(9:04:01 PM) PRIYA1: but system unfortunately went wrong
(9:04:09 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: sorry da
(9:04:09 PM) tvmanukrishnan: hey what’s going on…..
(9:04:15 PM) aeshyama1: 🙂
(9:04:19 PM) aeshyama1: nothing mann just kidding
(9:04:20 PM) PRIYA1: tvmanukrishnan: hai manu
(9:04:24 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: da
(9:04:25 PM) tvmanukrishnan: ya
(9:04:37 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: seriously its risk
(9:04:48 PM) tvmanukrishnan: can I ask a doubt now?
(9:04:51 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: but we can motivate people tu use linu
(9:04:59 PM) PRIYA1: tvmanukrishnan: ask man …
(9:05:25 PM) jinsbond007: ok…
(9:05:33 PM) tvmanukrishnan: The IT@School GNU/Linux bootable CD iis not booting in chipset boards….
(9:05:33 PM) aeshyama1: jinsbond007: regular introductory talks abt gnu/linux and Free Software thats the thing no?\
(9:05:38 PM) tvmanukrishnan: what 2 do?
(9:05:48 PM) jinsbond007: in what boards?
(9:06:14 PM) tvmanukrishnan: chipsets like biostar and all…. works good with Intel Original, Asus, etc…
(9:06:51 PM) jinsbond007: ok…
(9:07:11 PM) tvmanukrishnan: The CD is not booting itself…
(9:07:20 PM) PRIYA1: tvmanukrishnan: manu…da which is ur board
(9:07:32 PM) jinsbond007: problem with the IT@school cd only?
(9:07:40 PM) jinsbond007: or not booting any cd?
(9:07:44 PM) tvmanukrishnan: problem not mine man… Krishnaraj is having
(9:07:58 PM) tvmanukrishnan: Yeah with the 2007 version of IT@School
(9:08:02 PM) PRIYA1: tvmanukrishnan: which board?
(9:08:11 PM) jinsbond007: just ask him whether he can boot any cd…
(9:08:18 PM) aeshyama1: jinsbond007: mahesh will come here now..we will make a clear plan abt that now no?
(9:08:23 PM) tvmanukrishnan: the same cd installs perfectly in other systems
(9:08:38 PM) jinsbond007: it will be good if we can make it now…
(9:08:52 PM) jinsbond007: i will mail Raju sir and govindraj sir then.
(9:09:08 PM) jinsbond007: we need all the people required here…
(9:10:26 PM) jinsbond007: so my first question about the workshop is when you can conduct it!
(9:11:15 PM) aeshyama1: january first week probably
(9:11:20 PM) jinsbond007: Then plan on what all to be needed to face general public, whom are more interested in GNU/Linux
(9:11:26 PM) PRIYA1: january
(9:11:26 PM) jinsbond007: its too far…
(9:11:43 PM) aeshyama1: but that can be good to make a good preperation for the program
(9:11:46 PM) jinsbond007: whats the problem with december end?
(9:12:16 PM) jinsbond007: university exams and lab exams will start na?
(9:12:45 PM) PRIYA1: ya
(9:13:33 PM) jinsbond007: manu, no opinion?
(9:13:41 PM) jinsbond007: have your say…
(9:13:53 PM) aeshyama1: hopefully s5 gonna end by december and may be s6 starts by people will be free…also i think other sem people too are free
(9:14:02 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I didn’t still get an idea abt wht’s going…
(9:14:08 PM) aeshyama1: when u people have exam manu?probably after march and all no?
(9:14:19 PM) jinsbond007: shyam just explain to him!!!
(9:14:19 PM) tvmanukrishnan: april last….
(9:14:22 PM) aeshyama1: kk
(9:15:06 PM) jinsbond007: exams will be there all the time, but first have the courage to go and write exams without preparation…
(9:15:09 PM) aeshyama1: ya so look jan is some what free then
(9:15:14 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: just introducing some interesting things in linux even attract people to it
(9:15:52 PM) jinsbond007: hope u saw the discussion at the anoop tiruvalla’s blog…
(9:16:12 PM) aeshyama1: its not the problem of our exam preperation i start preparing as the study leave starts but its abt students and all coming for the programme
(9:16:36 PM) jinsbond007: we are taking on public, so whats the problem?
(9:16:54 PM) jinsbond007: and you need how much manpower for arranging such a program?
(9:16:55 PM) aeshyama1: kk then
(9:21:16 PM) aeshyama1: so whats fine december last week?its not that back as jan first anyway
(9:21:16 PM) jinsbond007: i have no objection in putting it till jan, but in the past many years, JAn was busy as it will be study leave…
(9:21:16 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: arranging such a program is interesting…also there will be raju sir also to what to have a head ache
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: thats what am asking you guys too…
(9:21:18 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: jinesh bayi…we will discuss about the time to conduct from college with other students
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: da, discussing with someone will not give you anything…
(9:21:18 PM) PRIYA1: no man…discussing with other activists who are not now in this channel
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: if you say we are going to conduct some program on this date, all will be ready….
(9:21:18 PM) santhosh left the room (quit: Read error: 113 (No route to host)).
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: just take the leadership.
(9:21:18 PM) PRIYA1: and probably our lab practicals will be in the range DEC-JAN
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: if you lead, and say there is no problem…
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: univ or internal?
(9:21:18 PM) jinsbond007: if its internal, then it can be tackled if you can headoff now itself…
(9:24:18 PM) jinsbond007: i thought about a discussion among yourselves, so that i can see the conclusion…
(9:24:18 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: let us see
(9:24:18 PM) jinsbond007: now this is like a discussion between me and you….
(9:24:19 PM) md [i=3d02c255@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] entered the room.
(9:24:19 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: hi hi
(9:24:19 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyama1: shyam bhai
(9:24:19 PM) jinsbond007: now u have the plan na? discuss with raju sir and concerned teacher in cse also…
(9:24:19 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: done man
(9:24:19 PM) jinsbond007: get what they have to say to the group and also update the wiki page and ssug-malappuram page…
(9:24:27 PM) jinsbond007: remember, important thing is, if you are conducting something for a district, entire district must know about it!!!
(9:24:41 PM) md: hi mahesh here
(9:24:59 PM) jinsbond007: i will send a primary mail and ask to contact mahesh or you for details…
(9:25:18 PM) PRIYA1: give me that link
(9:25:45 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: jinesh mahesh vannu
(9:25:58 PM) PRIYA1: let us discuss the date now itself
(9:26:22 PM) jinsbond007: mahesh know it..
(9:27:18 PM) jinsbond007: ask him…
(9:27:18 PM) jinsbond007: also ask him to add you to ssug-malappuram list….
(9:27:18 PM) md: shyam was saying some where in jan
(9:27:18 PM) PRIYA1: md: da priyan here
(9:27:18 PM) jinsbond007: priya, you are in which class?
(9:27:24 PM) PRIYA1: md: add me at ssug-malappuram
(9:27:30 PM) jinsbond007: means s5ECEA or B?
(9:27:36 PM) PRIYA1: s5 ece b
(9:27:42 PM) jinsbond007: k…
(9:28:17 PM) jinsbond007: hope mahesh is in s5 cseA
(9:28:17 PM) md: jinsbond007: boss mahesh here
(9:28:17 PM) md: ya
(9:28:17 PM) jinsbond007: got it…
(9:28:52 PM) jinsbond007: i will come just now…
(9:28:53 PM) jinsbond007: going for dinner…
(9:28:53 PM) md: PRIYA1:i’ll do it da
(9:28:53 PM) jinsbond007: you continue…
(9:28:53 PM) jinsbond007: manu, come up with points..
(9:29:11 PM) tvmanukrishnan: i am just watching….
(9:29:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: will catch up…
(9:29:58 PM) PRIYA1: md: da please specify what all are yu going to intend to implement in our program
(9:30:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: pls add me too to ssug-malappuram
(9:30:21 PM) jinsbond007: it is not that big…
(9:31:00 PM) md: ya manu
(9:31:23 PM) PRIYA1: md: then about the date
(9:32:22 PM) jinsbond007: manu, these fellows are good at programming, i dont know how much they workout in case of organizing!!!
(9:32:23 PM) PRIYA1: md: can fix jan 1st weak or dec last week
(9:32:23 PM) jinsbond007: so have your say…
(9:33:12 PM) tvmanukrishnan: but dec last week participation ‘ll be less, I think
(9:33:13 PM) jinsbond007: da, if january first week or dec last week, you have two full months, so tell me what all you are going to do all the month?
(9:33:13 PM) md: first we need to get our self into track
(9:33:13 PM) aeshyamae [i=shyam@] entered the room.
(9:33:25 PM) tvmanukrishnan: due to the holiday on tuesday
(9:34:24 PM) md: tats the first thing
(9:34:25 PM) aeshyamae: hi md
(9:34:25 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: jineeeeeeesh
(9:34:25 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: enne pokkallleeeeeeeeee
(9:34:46 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: we have to prepare for the program …take time
(9:35:32 PM) md: jinsbond007:dinner kurachu kazhinjattu pore??
(9:36:11 PM) jinsbond007: i will come by 10…
(9:36:12 PM) aeshyamae: ooo shit i wrote many dialogs thinking i am online…but pidgin cheated me
(9:36:12 PM) aeshyama1 left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(9:36:31 PM) jinsbond007: hope you will get in a concesus by then…
(9:36:46 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: daaaa
(9:36:59 PM) tvmanukrishnan: aeshyamae: ha ha
(9:37:05 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: kazhichittu varu kutta
(9:37:35 PM) aeshyamae: so md what u plan for tmrw?
(9:37:56 PM) jinsbond007: i already sent mail to Raju Sir and GovindRaj sir, asking them to contact priyan or mahesh
(9:38:11 PM) jinsbond007: so be prepared with a plan for tomorrow…
(9:38:42 PM) tvmanukrishnan: Is the GovidRaj sir same as our class tutor at MES?
(9:38:50 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: yaaaaa….
(9:39:05 PM) tvmanukrishnan: ok
(9:40:02 PM) md: i’ll talk to GR
(9:40:34 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: da…we can demonstrate sharika ther lle
(9:42:36 PM) aeshyamae: ya can demonstrate the progress by then
(9:42:50 PM) aeshyamae: md: u have a plan for tmrw no?
(9:43:11 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: its all about introductory talks to gnu/linux no?
(9:43:24 PM) aeshyamae: we wanna invite public no?
(9:43:49 PM) aeshyamae: so we expect these blog guys who are asking abt this very same thing no?
(9:44:28 PM) aeshyamae: md: u there?
(9:44:31 PM) aeshyamae: md: ping
(9:44:42 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYA1: ping
(9:45:09 PM) aeshyamae: any one here?
(9:45:10 PM) md left the room (quit: “CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)”).
(9:45:36 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: hello
(9:45:50 PM) aeshyamae: i can no more trust this pidgin
(9:45:53 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: parayada
(9:46:02 PM) sharika [i=shyam@] entered the room.
(9:46:13 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: students workshop mathiyille
(9:46:25 PM) tvmanukrishnan: aeshyamae: pidgin is working fine 4 me
(9:46:46 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: for me 2
(9:46:54 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: ya now i have a back up connection at emacs as sharika though it dont have malayalam
(9:47:01 PM) PRIYA1: i think signal is buffering
(9:47:16 PM) PRIYA1: and delivering
(9:47:25 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYA1: u mean students taking seminars or as audiance?
(9:47:27 PM) tvmanukrishnan: for me no malayalam at all…. so sad
(9:47:36 PM) PRIYA1: i mean
(9:47:46 PM) aeshyamae: u mean what?
(9:48:13 PM) PRIYA1: we include experts and our bloggers too
(9:48:13 PM) PRIYA1: can we expect jinu,santhu,pravu …
(9:48:21 PM) ***aeshyamae മീന് വാട്ടാന് പാചക കുറിപ്പു നോക്കുന്നു
(9:48:56 PM) tvmanukrishnan: PRIYA1: and newbies like me
(9:48:59 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: we shud plan a high standard workshop
(9:49:16 PM) aeshyamae: ya smc people will be there to take the seminars
(9:49:34 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: da..i mean we shud have experts for leading the workshop
(9:49:53 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: pinnentha prashnam
(9:50:12 PM) PRIYA1: let us gather every activists
(9:50:13 PM) aeshyamae: nothing we are willing to do that
(9:50:49 PM) PRIYA1: and have a meeting ther at college
(9:50:49 PM) PRIYA1: and shud conform the agenda
(9:50:56 PM) PRIYA1: for newcomers we shud have to make the workshop interesting
(9:51:43 PM) PRIYA1: and we need to have demonstration session also
(9:52:07 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(9:52:17 PM) PRIYA1: for electronics students
(9:52:17 PM) PRIYA1: we need to introduce geDa
(9:52:33 PM) md [i=3d02c202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] entered the room.
(9:52:33 PM) PRIYA1: and application of GNU/LINUX for electronics field
(9:52:47 PM) PRIYA1: and DSP field
(9:52:49 PM) aeshyamae: thats for our engineering students but this one is for public
(9:53:01 PM) aeshyamae: those are very very wide topics mann
(9:53:42 PM) aeshyamae: u should fix that first
(9:53:42 PM) aeshyamae: praveen gi and jinesh and santhosh sir was talking abt making the public more aware of gnu/linux and using malayalam in it
(9:53:44 PM) aeshyamae: so we have to concentrate on that first
(9:53:53 PM) PRIYA1: if it is for public people we need to have it as a whole day program with tight schedule
(9:54:07 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(9:54:12 PM) aeshyamae: may be more than one day
(9:54:15 PM) PRIYA1: then we can do it under SMC
(9:54:45 PM) PRIYA1: ya it would be more interesting for us
(9:54:46 PM) aeshyamae: mannn thats what being said…but its not probably the thing that smc does
(9:54:59 PM) md: no electronics
(9:55:07 PM) aeshyamae: we will be just arranging the program people
(9:55:11 PM) md: no applications etc..
(9:55:19 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(9:55:19 PM) md: its for common people
(9:55:25 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(9:55:30 PM) md: may be jus touch those aspects
(9:55:39 PM) md: but nothing in depth
(9:56:01 PM) PRIYA1: ha
(9:56:17 PM) md: some live demos
(9:56:18 PM) PRIYA1: nice
(9:56:28 PM) aeshyamae: IMHO we should have a session to introduce the relevance of FS and philosophy backing that in the way that general public understands
(9:56:46 PM) aeshyamae: thats above the basic things abt using gnu/linux and malayalam
(9:57:53 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: da vere arokkeyundu SMC yil from MES
(10:00:11 PM) aeshyamae: as students i know these guys only
(10:00:16 PM) aeshyamae: donno abt teachers
(10:00:19 PM) aeshyamae: there are many
(10:01:06 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYA1: tvmanukrishnanwhat abt a meeting tmrw just a talk abt this tmrw in mahesh’s or just at the ground floor of cse sharp at 1’o clock?
(10:01:23 PM) md left the room (quit: “CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)”).
(10:01:28 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(10:01:34 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I’ll be there
(10:02:05 PM) aeshyamae: k see ya tmrw think what we can do for this meeting
(10:02:13 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(10:02:48 PM) aeshyamae: oops not the meeting but the programme:)
(10:02:58 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah
(10:03:50 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYA1: ping?
(10:04:21 PM) PRIYA1: aeshyamae: da
(10:04:28 PM) tvmanukrishnan: aeshyamae: Priyan is going online and offline… what’s the matter?
(10:04:30 PM) PRIYA1: i am here
(10:04:30 PM) PRIYA1: just went outside
(10:04:30 PM) PRIYA1: ya
(10:04:42 PM) PRIYA1: we shall have a meeting at our class
(10:04:51 PM) tvmanukrishnan: PRIYA1: hello
(10:05:10 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYA1: at cse dept
(10:05:11 PM) PRIYA1: i am not offline
(10:05:11 PM) PRIYA1: i went off outside
(10:05:25 PM) PRIYA1: cse lo
(10:05:29 PM) tvmanukrishnan: PRIYA1: in google…
(10:05:40 PM) aeshyamae: we will see tmrw before lab have hell lot of work before the lab itself:)
(10:05:55 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: google?
(10:06:10 PM) tvmanukrishnan: aeshyamae: I just meant talk
(10:06:24 PM) PRIYA1: da
(10:06:25 PM) PRIYA1: can yu see the message
(10:06:25 PM) PRIYA1: priyan left the room
(10:06:25 PM) PRIYA1: its the problem of network
(10:06:25 PM) PRIYA1: do pidgin show so
(10:06:25 PM) PRIYA1: google dont mind it
(10:06:27 PM) PRIYA1: its a problem of data streaming
(10:06:47 PM) PRIYA1: i think TATA nw busy
(10:06:47 PM) PRIYA1: releasing gtalk
(10:07:02 PM) tvmanukrishnan: PRIYA1: Its shows about 5 to 6 times in a min
(10:09:23 PM) PRIYA1: dont mind da
(10:09:30 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(10:12:16 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I have a request. Can the link to the logs of this channel be placed along with the topic of the channel at the top…
(10:12:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: ?
(10:12:51 PM) tvmanukrishnan: It will be helpful to get an idea of what’s going for new users
(10:14:42 PM) jinsbond007: ok….
(10:14:50 PM) jinsbond007: whats the decision guys?
(10:14:55 PM) aeshyamae: ya mann i to thought of that but anivar gi only have the privilage to change that
(10:15:06 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(10:15:48 PM) aeshyamae: so jinsbond007 the thing is all abt a regular talk + workshop for public abt free software gnu/linux and malayalam no?
(10:16:11 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: we decided
(10:16:48 PM) aeshyamae: we decided to see tmrw to decide more on this 😉
(10:17:38 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: ping
(10:20:49 PM) jinsbond007: dont ask it again….
(10:21:18 PM) PRIYA1: jinsbond007: what?
(10:21:32 PM) aeshyamae: we are just making a shape to the programme saying that it should introduce the FS and the philosophy backing it in a way that public understands…which is after the basic needs to introduce the gnu/linux and malayalam usage thats the programme content ok?
(10:21:34 PM) jinsbond007: what we plan is a workshop for public, which will give them enough or more than enough knowledge of using computer with GNU/Linux for day to day purpose.
(10:21:43 PM) santhosh [i=santhosh@] entered the room.
(10:23:27 PM) jinsbond007: the philosophy is the aim, but what is important is many are ready to shift to GNU/Linux but not able to get good support. So give them support and tell that we are here for your support
(10:23:56 PM) aeshyamae: so u people are planning to be here no?
(10:23:58 PM) PRIYA1: also there is a feeling..
(10:24:16 PM) PRIYA1: common people often have a feel
(10:24:37 PM) santhosh: ଏନ୍ତାତ୍
(10:24:44 PM) PRIYA1: GNU/LINUX is not so userfriendly
(10:24:56 PM) santhosh: സോറി അത് സ്വനലേഖ ഒറിയ ആയിരുന്നു
(10:25:13 PM) PRIYA1: we read as squares
(10:25:15 PM) santhosh: എന്താവിടെ ചര്‍ച്ച
(10:25:17 PM) aeshyamae: ഒറിയ അറിയില്ല
(10:25:44 PM) santhosh: എനിക്കുമറിയില്ല 🙂
(10:25:46 PM) aeshyamae: santhosh: there gonna be a workshop abt basic gnu/linux usage and malayalam in mes
(10:25:56 PM) aeshyamae: we were planning abt that
(10:26:25 PM) santhosh: എപ്പൊ?
(10:26:25 PM) aeshyamae: planning:)
(10:26:28 PM) santhosh: ഡിസംബര്‍ വേണ്ടാട്ടൊ
(10:26:46 PM) santhosh: ആകെ തിരക്കണ് ഡിസംബര്‍ – ഫോസ്സ് .ഇന്‍ ഉം മറ്റും
(10:27:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: but last week
(10:27:18 PM) aeshyamae: hmm i suggested jan first week
(10:28:28 PM) aeshyamae: we should have a hands on session for a few people or should have talks for large number of people?
(10:28:59 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: ?
(10:30:23 PM) aeshyamae: and if u want a date what abt december 30?sunday?
(10:32:28 PM) PRIYA1 left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(10:32:30 PM) aeshyamae: anyway we will try to decide more on the matter as we meet tmrw…frankly speaking i dont have real time experience for conducting such programmes but know all these is abt commonsense..and is willing to do what all could be the thing we should focus more on?
(10:33:20 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: santhosh ping
(10:33:44 PM) santhosh: എന്താ?
(10:34:17 PM) santhosh: ആദ്യം എന്താണ് പരിപാടി എന്ന് തീരുമാനിയ്ക്കൂ
(10:34:51 PM) santhosh: എന്താണ് അജണ്ട എന്ന്
(10:34:51 PM) PRIYAN [n=priyan_o@] entered the room.
(10:34:52 PM) jinsbond007: that will be good…
(10:34:52 PM) jinsbond007: i will be there most probably….
(10:34:52 PM) PRIYAN: jj
(10:35:37 PM) PRIYAN: smcbot: how to add
(10:35:38 PM) smcbot: PRIYAN: Error: “how” is not a valid command.
(10:36:00 PM) aeshyamae: so which one would be more effective?a hands on session or a seminar?
(10:36:04 PM) jinsbond007: dont worry about anything, if you can get a good idea what people need, that will help.
(10:36:47 PM) jinsbond007: The ultimate aim is to make the ones who attend to start using GNU/Linux in daily life without any trouble.
(10:37:00 PM) PRIYAN: jinsbond007: jinesh nee varunnundo
(10:37:15 PM) jinsbond007: depends on time..
(10:37:43 PM) jinsbond007: if its in december last week and if i am not busy with some work i will be there…
(10:38:03 PM) PRIYAN: thats fine
(10:38:23 PM) santhosh: പ്രവീണ്‍ ഉണ്ടാവില്ലെന്നു തോന്നുന്നു
(10:38:27 PM) aeshyamae: we were planning to have some small small programs before such a big one but that got delayed later
(10:38:35 PM) santhosh: US ലായിരിക്കും
(10:39:20 PM) aeshyamae: santhosh: sir വരുന്നുണ്ടോ?
(10:39:21 PM) jinsbond007: and as a side, we need to have FAQs,manuals and all about the installation and setup of daily utilities…
(10:39:21 PM) PRIYAN: ellavarum undenkil …
(10:39:34 PM) jinsbond007: it can be used for future also…
(10:39:38 PM) PRIYAN: it would be our pleasure
(10:39:40 PM) PRIYAN: santhosh bayi undakum lle
(10:40:01 PM) jinsbond007: its a big documentation work..
(10:40:10 PM) tvmanukrishnan: a slide show will be nice… on installation
(10:40:25 PM) tvmanukrishnan: showing the main steps
(10:40:26 PM) santhosh: ജനുവരി ആദ്യ ആഴ്ച നാട്ടില്‍ വരാന്‍ പ്ലാനുണ്ട്. വീടിനെ ഗൃഹപ്രവേശം നടക്കാന്‍ സാധ്യതയുണ്ട്
(10:41:04 PM) santhosh: എന്തായാലും നിങ്ങള്‍ പ്ലാന്‍ ചെയ്യൂ
(10:41:04 PM) PRIYAN: would have a video also
(10:41:05 PM) santhosh: ചെറിയ പ്രോഗ്രാമില്‍ തുടങ്ങൂ
(10:41:05 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(10:41:05 PM) santhosh: വീഡിയോ നമ്മുടെ ഒരു പരിപാടിയാണ്
(10:41:05 PM) jinsbond007: its planning within the program…
(10:41:05 PM) aeshyamae: we were planning to have some seminar series within the college with interested students as audiance
(10:41:05 PM) jinsbond007: this is the problem…
(10:41:05 PM) santhosh: അതാര്‍ക്കെങ്കിലും ചെയ്തു തുടങ്ങാമോ
(10:41:10 PM) PRIYAN: would start with introductory session
(10:41:13 PM) jinsbond007: on what?
(10:41:20 PM) jinsbond007: FOSS in general?
(10:42:51 PM) PRIYAN: introducing theory behinf free software
(10:42:51 PM) jinsbond007: take an introductory session urself….
(10:42:51 PM) santhosh: video to spread free software philosphy in malayalam
(10:42:51 PM) PRIYAN: how common people be benefical
(10:42:51 PM) santhosh: with malayalam softwares
(10:42:51 PM) santhosh: see the savannah taks
(10:42:51 PM) santhosh: assigned to anivar
(10:42:51 PM) PRIYAN: and then how can LINUX be useful where we ,common people always prefer some risking proprietary software
(10:42:51 PM) aeshyamae: PRIYAN: gnu/linux
(10:42:59 PM) PRIYAN: how linux can be made so userfriendly
(10:43:25 PM) PRIYAN: all done at just a click
(10:43:25 PM) santhosh: by using it!
(10:43:27 PM) PRIYAN: ya GNU/lINUX
(10:43:28 PM) PRIYAN: i will now address GNU/LINUX as linu
(10:43:44 PM) jinsbond007: k…
(10:44:15 PM) PRIYAN: and deliver a talk on how a software and community grows..where people all over the world partcipare
(10:44:37 PM) PRIYAN: participate
(10:44:55 PM) jinsbond007: my first advice on talks, give the first talk as one students like the best….
(10:45:08 PM) PRIYAN: and what does a Frees software has to do with it
(10:45:10 PM) jinsbond007: it sets the impression….
(10:46:07 PM) PRIYAN: ya
(10:46:13 PM) PRIYAN: to set the impression
(10:46:18 PM) aeshyamae: k guys will talk tmrw and will meet again tmrw night
(10:46:26 PM) PRIYAN: we have to do some interesting anything
(10:46:34 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah right
(10:46:38 PM) ***aeshyamae runs to kitchen to have something
(10:46:48 PM) jinsbond007: k…. i will try to be here…
(10:46:56 PM) jinsbond007: tomorrow night also…
(10:46:57 PM) PRIYAN: aeshyamae: da create a program to fetch everything in the kitchen to yur laptop
(10:47:11 PM) aeshyamae: DKA
(10:47:17 PM) aeshyamae: direct kitech access
(10:47:19 PM) jinsbond007: its easy actually…
(10:47:39 PM) jinsbond007: keep an internet connection in kitchen…
(10:47:46 PM) jinsbond007: so can shift to kitchen entirely…
(10:47:58 PM) PRIYAN: DKA kya he
(10:48:20 PM) aeshyamae: direct kitchen(memory)access(DMA)
(10:48:31 PM) PRIYAN: how
(10:48:59 PM) aeshyamae: will say after having something:P
(10:49:28 PM) jinsbond007: so think about the the workshop…
(10:49:42 PM) aeshyamae: if we could inspire some guys in the college we could easily do the documentation project as a team work
(10:49:57 PM) tvmanukrishnan: hmmmm
(10:50:08 PM) jinsbond007: what inspiration is required?
(10:50:31 PM) jinsbond007: manu, get someone from your class man…
(10:50:38 PM) aeshyamae: ya right
(10:50:38 PM) tvmanukrishnan: just make aware that they could do something to the world…
(10:50:40 PM) PRIYAN: thats fine
(10:50:55 PM) jinsbond007: who all are your tutors?
(10:50:59 PM) PRIYAN: sharika: hai sharika
(10:51:00 PM) tvmanukrishnan: K… I’ll tell abt this in class
(10:51:15 PM) jinsbond007: manu?
(10:51:19 PM) sharika: PRIYAN: hi
(10:51:35 PM) tvmanukrishnan: jinsbond007: GovindRaj and Reeshma
(10:51:51 PM) jinsbond007: reshama?
(10:51:56 PM) jinsbond007: new one?
(10:52:09 PM) jinsbond007: i havent heard!!!
(10:52:10 PM) tvmanukrishnan: don’t know… I am also new there
(10:52:27 PM) tvmanukrishnan: one with specs…
(10:52:58 PM) jinsbond007: i dont know..
(10:53:34 PM) jinsbond007: k… anyway govindraj sir knows me, so tell him that you have a plan like this and wanna spend time in lab for this…
(10:53:55 PM) PRIYAN: so see tomorrow
(10:54:13 PM) jinsbond007: if you can make a group in class, it will be good..
(10:54:18 PM) tvmanukrishnan: till now… we haven’t seen the lab
(10:54:38 PM) tvmanukrishnan: there are some with intrest… but small small problems…
(10:54:49 PM) jinsbond007: it will like that in first year…
(10:54:59 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I told you earlier abt the IT@Shool problem
(10:55:44 PM) tvmanukrishnan: he is having a gigabyte board, AMD athlon processor
(10:55:52 PM) tvmanukrishnan: any idea?
(10:56:21 PM) jinsbond007: you do as i say…
(10:56:30 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(10:56:31 PM) jinsbond007: for that first check whether his BIOS setting is set to boot from cd…
(10:56:31 PM) jinsbond007: and then begin…
(10:56:31 PM) jinsbond007: thats simple troubleshooting problems…
(10:56:55 PM) PRIYAN: if the CD doesnt boot at all…
(10:57:03 PM) PRIYAN: probably ther is prob with CD drive
(10:57:14 PM) PRIYAN: if some errors shown please specify it
(10:57:18 PM) jinsbond007: so check with another bootable cd…
(10:57:22 PM) tvmanukrishnan: no… changed drives…
(10:57:31 PM) PRIYAN: or else do refer whether the chipset is supported
(10:57:32 PM) tvmanukrishnan: its working in another systems…
(10:57:37 PM) PRIYAN: still prob
(10:57:45 PM) PRIYAN: da
(10:57:55 PM) jinsbond007: you checked personally?
(10:57:56 PM) PRIYAN: is ther some error messages
(10:58:16 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I had the same problem with another HCL system
(10:58:28 PM) jinsbond007: as far as i know, intel,via,nforce are only making chipsets…
(10:58:48 PM) jinsbond007: rest are just some modifications of it…
(10:58:49 PM) tvmanukrishnan: no error at all… 1st boot device is CD and it don’t boot but older versions are booting
(10:59:05 PM) PRIYAN: da…did yu see it ..
(10:59:31 PM) tvmanukrishnan: PRIYAN: contacht Krishnaraj…. He is having the problem now
(10:59:35 PM) PRIYAN: if so specify the error
(11:00:03 PM) PRIYAN: ya..
(11:00:08 PM) tvmanukrishnan: no error is displayed…
(11:00:10 PM) jinsbond007: first try changing the cd, that is write in a new cd at a lower speed.
(11:00:28 PM) tvmanukrishnan: hey, I installed it in my system from the same CD
(11:00:36 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I am sure the CD is Ok
(11:00:47 PM) PRIYAN: CD kku prob illa, Drive nu prob illa…then probably something in the system doesnt support the software
(11:00:51 PM) jinsbond007: its not the problem with the cd…
(11:00:53 PM) PRIYAN: startup routine
(11:01:21 PM) jinsbond007: how come?
(11:01:44 PM) jinsbond007: i dont know about the new IT@school, but think its based on debian etch….
(11:01:58 PM) PRIYAN: only one possibility- system cant read the startup routine
(11:02:07 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(11:02:15 PM) PRIYAN: aeshyamae: shyam live undo
(11:02:30 PM) tvmanukrishnan: then can we boot from another CD an install from the other?
(11:02:59 PM) jinsbond007: the first person to contact is vimal joseph…
(11:03:12 PM) aeshyamae:
(11:03:12 PM) PRIYAN: give his id
(11:03:30 PM) aeshyamae: thats some what active in a sense he replies quickly to the queries
(11:03:44 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah I am drafting the mail….
(11:04:02 PM) santhosh left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(11:04:16 PM) jinsbond007:
(11:04:25 PM) jinsbond007:
(11:04:47 PM) tvmanukrishnan: K I’ll send mail to three of the Id’s.
(11:05:09 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: whats krishnaraj’s problem?
(11:05:27 PM) aeshyamae: no mann thats not fare
(11:05:34 PM) tvmanukrishnan: IT@School CD is not at all booting
(11:05:52 PM) tvmanukrishnan: It happened to me too in another system from HCL
(11:06:01 PM) tvmanukrishnan: old versions are booting
(11:06:10 PM) tvmanukrishnan: not the 2007 version
(11:06:13 PM) aeshyamae: it just ignores the cd bootup and goes to hdd?
(11:06:20 PM) aeshyamae: without errors
(11:06:23 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah
(11:06:41 PM) aeshyamae: kk ask him anyway
(11:07:38 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: why hanging on that cd?u want to have a debian?u have that tmrw:)
(11:08:00 PM) aeshyamae: debian etch live ok?
(11:08:08 PM) aeshyamae: or even smc-debian which one u want?
(11:08:09 PM) tvmanukrishnan: but in CD not DVD
(11:08:16 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(11:08:23 PM) tvmanukrishnan: he is just to start with linux
(11:08:28 PM) aeshyamae: in cd only coz i dont have spare dvd’s here
(11:08:55 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: tried smc-debian?
(11:08:57 PM) tvmanukrishnan: so select the best suited one… And must have FAT32 support
(11:09:00 PM) tvmanukrishnan: no…
(11:09:13 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I too need a copy of that…..
(11:09:38 PM) tvmanukrishnan: And i like to install… but no harddisk space now
(11:09:46 PM) jinsbond007: no…
(11:10:05 PM) tvmanukrishnan: jinsbond007: sorry its by mistake
(11:10:23 PM) aeshyamae: ok anyway have the smc-debian coz tat have the smc softwares and malayalam ready made
(11:10:25 PM) tvmanukrishnan: he haven’t tried smc-debian, nor I
(11:10:31 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(11:10:44 PM) aeshyamae: hey u have debian live and give him smc-debian ok?
(11:10:55 PM) aeshyamae: ill bring that tmrw:)
(11:11:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I have only hose DVD’s with me and he don’t have a DVD drive
(11:11:19 PM) tvmanukrishnan: k
(11:11:53 PM) tvmanukrishnan: So, I’ll just postpond the mail to 2morrow….
(11:12:07 PM) jinsbond007: k so the problem is settled?
(11:12:10 PM) aeshyamae: my fingers burnt as i tried to spread debian dvds so no more dvds but will play with cds
(11:12:15 PM) jinsbond007: mail it today itself..
(11:12:27 PM) jinsbond007: if its a bug, it is to be rectified..
(11:12:36 PM) aeshyamae: ya u can mail abt it@school anyway
(11:12:41 PM) jinsbond007: so give the full detail of the syatem also…
(11:12:57 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I’ll contact an IT@School coodinator too may be he can help
(11:13:14 PM) tvmanukrishnan: and after all, i don’t know his systems spec exactly…
(11:13:19 PM) PRIYAN left the room.
(11:13:25 PM) jinsbond007: ask them for a dvd first if you want to spread…
(11:13:30 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I know its AMD athlon, Gigabyte board
(11:13:33 PM) jinsbond007: remember u r not shuttleworth…
(11:13:57 PM) tvmanukrishnan: 512 ram.. 60GB…
(11:14:03 PM) jinsbond007: ask him to get the full config…
(11:14:17 PM) jinsbond007: now mail with the details u have..
(11:14:18 PM) tvmanukrishnan: that’s why I said I’ll mail 2morrow
(11:14:24 PM) aeshyamae: ya free as in freedom not as in free cds can charge more for the cds;)
(11:16:46 PM) jinsbond007: so todays discussion is over…
(11:16:53 PM) jinsbond007: whats the final decision?
(11:17:06 PM) jinsbond007: will come tomorrow with full details?
(11:17:17 PM) tvmanukrishnan: we have a talk tomorrow 1PM at MES
(11:17:32 PM) jinsbond007: about what?
(11:18:55 PM) jinsbond007: there are enough interested people in mahesh’s class and s3cse… also there will be some in manu’s class…
(11:19:09 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah…
(11:19:14 PM) aeshyamae: just said that we four will meet tmrw at college..will have a clearer idea on what could be done..probably may meet raju sir after having a talk…and will say the results the next day same time
(11:20:42 PM) aeshyamae: also there is 3-4 in my class;)
(11:20:42 PM) jinsbond007: so start the work of documentation without any delay…
(11:20:42 PM) jinsbond007: can produce an FAQ,full manual and a handbook within a month, if you divide the task among urself…
(11:20:42 PM) jinsbond007: also do it in malayalam also…
(11:20:42 PM) aeshyamae: school gnu linux have a nice wiki
(11:20:42 PM) aeshyamae: oo thats in english anyway
(11:20:58 PM) jinsbond007: main aim is to be simple manual…
(11:21:28 PM) jinsbond007: needs screenshot and all to explain things, and create both html and pdf.
(11:21:43 PM) aeshyamae: its a great project to have the malayalam documentation…but even i couldn’t write malayalam in a resonable speed to it will be difficult for the newbies to start a project on that
(11:21:52 PM) tvmanukrishnan: aeshyamae: I’ll bring the IT@School handbook for teachers… It might be helpful…
(11:22:05 PM) aeshyamae: sure bring that
(11:22:07 PM) jinsbond007: start using swnalekha
(11:22:11 PM) tvmanukrishnan: has a small documentation on how to install it with pictures
(11:22:12 PM) aeshyamae: ooo thats nice
(11:22:23 PM) aeshyamae: swanalekha…thats good hmm
(11:22:32 PM) jinsbond007: it will help in speed a lot…
(11:22:35 PM) aeshyamae: ya
(11:22:47 PM) tvmanukrishnan: ya… i too agree
(11:23:11 PM) jinsbond007: i was able to type good using inscript, but after switching to Lalitha, i forgot inscript…
(11:23:49 PM) aeshyamae: ഞാന് ഇന്സ്ക്രിപ്റ്റാണ് ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്നത്..സ്പീഡായാല് പിന്നെ ഇതിലല്ലെ കൂടുതല് വേഗത?
(11:24:02 PM) jinsbond007: അതു തന്നെ
(11:24:07 PM) aeshyamae: പിഡ്ഗിന് മലയാളം പോര
(11:24:28 PM) jinsbond007: എനിക്ക് മലയാളം ഒക്കെ സുഖമായി െഴുതാന്‍ പറ്റും
(11:24:49 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I don’t have malayalam support for pidgin…
(11:24:52 PM) jinsbond007: പക്ഷെ പ്രശ്നം, ആശയമാണ്..
(11:25:00 PM) aeshyamae: പറ്റും പക്ഷെ പിഡ്ഗിന് ശരിക്ക് ചെയ്യുന്നില്ല
(11:25:32 PM) aeshyamae: സാഹിത്യമാണോ പറയുന്നത് ആശയമൊക്കെ?
(11:25:57 PM) tvmanukrishnan: for me to see the malayalam u type, I have to enable HTML logging in Pidgin and refresh it everytime….
(11:26:23 PM) aeshyamae: ok then we will type in english
(11:26:30 PM) tvmanukrishnan: thanks…
(11:26:40 PM) jinsbond007: അതല്ല, എഴുതുമ്പോള്‍ പകുതി ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് ആയിരിക്കും
(11:26:48 PM) jinsbond007: sorry, manu…
(11:26:58 PM) tvmanukrishnan: pardon me… I have no way to use net from Debian….
(11:27:09 PM) tvmanukrishnan: My GPRS modem….:'(
(11:27:11 PM) jinsbond007: what happened?
(11:27:19 PM) aeshyamae: hmm thats a problem have to address problem like these first
(11:27:28 PM) jinsbond007: Which is your connection?
(11:27:34 PM) tvmanukrishnan: Airtel GPRS
(11:27:52 PM) jinsbond007: i used airtel GPRS from debian many times..
(11:28:00 PM) tvmanukrishnan: wow how…
(11:28:01 PM) jinsbond007: phone?
(11:28:01 PM) aeshyamae: the guy ma classmate is using with bluetooth
(11:28:10 PM) tvmanukrishnan: but I have datacable…
(11:28:24 PM) jinsbond007: which one?
(11:28:29 PM) tvmanukrishnan: got even this phone after great effort
(11:28:36 PM) tvmanukrishnan: LG G1600
(11:28:49 PM) jinsbond007: its cable type?
(11:28:54 PM) tvmanukrishnan: yeah
(11:29:10 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: u did it with bluetooth na?
(11:29:39 PM) aeshyamae: means many use to do it with bluetooth…its easy tat way but donno abt cable
(11:30:28 PM) tvmanukrishnan: any way to get a second hand phone with GPRS and Bluetooth??????:-( at a low price?
(11:30:41 PM) jinsbond007: i did it with bluetooth and usb cable..
(11:31:06 PM) tvmanukrishnan: how could I configure the cable?
(11:31:24 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: try asking the problem at #debian with all details u have try it just one or two time they will give some answer
(11:31:25 PM) jinsbond007: as i didnt had a phone and airtel, i have to go na…
(11:31:48 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I’ll send it to u…
(11:32:00 PM) tvmanukrishnan: can u just find how to do with it?
(11:32:24 PM) jinsbond007: it was a nokia, and identified the phone in some port related to USB…
(11:32:41 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I asked in #debian but they said there must be some log related to it…
(11:32:51 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I was unable to find the log…
(11:32:58 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: using lsusb na?
(11:33:14 PM) aeshyamae: tvmanukrishnan: it should be dmseg
(11:33:15 PM) aeshyamae: try dmesg as root user
(11:33:20 PM) aeshyamae: and lsusb to see ur serial devices
(11:33:23 PM) tvmanukrishnan: jinsbond007: Oh if Nokia does; I’ll try exchanging mine for a nokia
(11:33:50 PM) aeshyamae: jinsbond007: got the certi?
(11:34:05 PM) aeshyamae: ficates and tea ?
(11:34:14 PM) aeshyamae: shi
(11:34:15 PM) aeshyamae: rts
(11:34:51 PM) tvmanukrishnan: I’ll be back checking it…
(11:35:00 PM) jinsbond007: they didnt sent it yet…
(11:35:05 PM) aeshyamae: o ok
(11:35:05 PM) tvmanukrishnan: hope U aren’t going to sleep…

Thats all…

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