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Uninterrupted Internet connection

Yesterday, I connected my computer to Internet at about 9PM. At 11PM, I turned off the monitor and went for sleep, with some download and upload work in progress. when I woke up at 6AM today morning, the connection was still there and the upload work has been completed. I haven’t been connected to net for such a long time and my dial up connection with land phone always breaks if its connected for more than 2 hours. So, from now onwards, I could put something in download when I sleep….! Doesn’t it seems great? For me, its really great!!!
But, still, I can’t configure the GPRS connection in Debian. I tried my best, but its not even detecting my phone. As Shyam told, I downloaded a software. But for it to install, more than 10 Perl modules need to be downloaded and installed. I ‘ll give it also a try. If anyone know how to configure, please help me.

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4 thoughts on “Uninterrupted Internet connection

  1. Hi,
    I have been searching over the net for Airtel GPRS Connection are landed on your site. The site has been quite informative and intersting especially about the airtel GPRS connection. I would like to know more about that. I am planning to have a gprs connection from Airtel. Just like what you have puchased. How much will be the cost for browing and downloading. Is it unlimited? How much i ll have to recharge the sim for getting the connectivity. Thanks for all the information


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  2. Tvm says:

    AirTel GPRS provides unlimited data transfer(Both downloading and uploading). There aren’t any extra charges for downloading. The speed they claim is 115.2Kbps; but I am receiving a maximum of 7KBps.
    The charges are paid monthly and it varies from places. Here, in Kerala, its RS 250.

  3. Murali chandran says:

    Hi u can increase the speed of your gprs connection

    networkplaces->view connections->connection properties->config->select the speed

    maximum of 960 kbps is possible using cell phones

  4. Tvm says:

    There isn’t such an option for me. May be it varies with phones…

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