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First day at MES college of Engineering

Today, was my first day at MES college of Engineering, Kuttippuram. There was an orientation program which was to start at 10AM. The program started at the exact time as scheduled and the auditorium was crowded with more than 500 students and their parents. May be its for the first time I participated in such a big event. Many honorable personalities including Principal, Secretary and Head of Departments were present in the meeting. Unlike from AWH, the HOD’s here at MES are much younger. The meeting lasted for about 2 hours and later there were separated meetings for each batches. Totally there were 120 students for CSE and were divided to two batches. I and Krishnaraj are in the ‘A’ batch.

I saw Kishore, one of my classmates at BVB Thirunavaya. He was there for IT and looking for a seat in CSE. From him, I came to know that Jasim, another classmate at BVB is also there. I also saw Vishal, my room mate at the hostel when I was studying for entrance coaching at Trichur. He was for ECE.
After the meeting, we moved on to the class room. The room has a total of 20 benches and desks with three students in each bench. I think the number of boys and girls are almost equal but I don’t know exactly. We have two tutors – Govindraj from Vayanad and Reeshma from Calicut. The time table and rules were distributed to us from the class. Saturday is a holiday. The classes start at 9.15AM and ends at 4.30PM. The lunch break is from 12.15PM to 1.15PM and on Friday’s, it lasts to2PM. The library functions from 7AM to 7PM and Computer lab from 8AM to 10PM. Girls are not allowed to stay in the campus after 6PM.

Now about the campus. Its located in a pleasant hilltop, not far from the NH17. Near by flows the famous river Bharathapuzha otherwise known as Nila. The campus has got all facilities including department libraries, common library, labs and an extension counter of Punjab National bank. Later from Anil, one of my friends in 2nd year CSE at MES itself I came to know that the department libraries can be used only with the permission of teachers and are allowed commonly in the last semesters only. He also advised me to make a good impression in the workshops if not might affect in future years.

The collage management said that politics is banned in school. But, I came to know that the elections are there in the next week and has much to do with politics. I don’t what all changes will be there from the words. Anyway, I am looking ahead for tomorrow’s class.

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