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The second allotment

At last, the allotment results were published today morning, relieving the tensions of many students. As I hoped, I got a seat in MES Engineering Collage, Kuttippuram for Computer Science Engineering. My best friend Krishnaraj has also got a seat there for the same course. Some other students from our school has also got seats there. The collage is just 40mts journey by bus from my home and another plus point is that I know many of the students studying there.

Today, in the shop, Reliance broadband connection was fully configured. The service person said that we could start using it from tomorrow or day after tomorrow. The connection is so easy that plugging a wire to the LAN port, we can access net. The connection is similar to a prepaid mobile as we must recharge it using recharge cards. Also, a phone was provided with it, for free from which all calls to the Reliance broadband users in our area are free and there will be incoming facility until the broadband connection is in use.

Another crazy thing that happened today was that I got some server error from Google. Their popular services including Search, GMail, Orkut, Adsense, etc were not accessible today evening. Its the first time I came before such an error from Google.

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