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At last Configured my Internal Modem in Linux

Today was a great day for me. I configured my internal modem in linux at last. My modem chipset is from “Conexant” ans is a HSF softmodem. I got a free driver of it from Linuxant. The free driver provides only 14kbps but, still its good. Thanks for the support from all my friends who gave me the instructions.

What I did was that I downloaded the latest version of ScanModemtool from and used it to get the details of my modem. It generated some files and by reading them, I got the idea of where to get a free driver. I went to Linuxant and downloaded a debian package of my free driver(about 1.3MB) and installed it using the package manager. During the installation, I was asked to provide some paths and I did so and it worked…

Also, today installed the Lalitha keymap for Malayalam developed by the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing group. Its nice, similar to the keyman in windows and working perfectly.

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