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Free Software Day Celebrations

Today is the Free Software Day. The Swathanthra Malayalam Computing group had arranged a program in Trichur corresponding to it. Its for the first time, I am attending for such a function. Thanks for Shyam for telling me about SMC group, by joining which, I had the opportunity to attend this function. My friend Krishnaraj was also with me.

It was an informative one. I could know more about the history of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and about the ASCII and Unicode fonts. There was also an exhibition of Swathanthra Malayalam softwares, for studying Malayalam typing, Spell Checking, and many more. Shyam also had a project related to speech recognition.

I was glad to hear that about 80% of words in Linux has been translated to Malayalam. I do installed the latest version of IT @ School GNU/Linux last day and thought it would be better if I can change the interface to Malayalam.

May be some day I can also contribute to them…

For photos of the function at Trichur, visit:

Project Site:


Mailing List:

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