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For a long time, the issue with uploading files to Media Library was there in the blog. Since I wasn’t updating it frequently, it wasn’t bothering me much

When I tries to upload a media file, everything goes smoothly, but finally the file won’t be there in the uploads directory. I played a lot with file/directory permissions, but without success. The same configuration works in other wordpress blogs too.

Figured it out today that the issue was with the Media Path where files are to be stored, which can be found at <wordpress url>/wp-admin/options-media.php or the direct database entry “upload_path” in “options” or “wp_options” table depending on the table prefix.

I might have forgot to update the upload path when the site was migrated to the new server.

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Today, I migrated the blog to new server. It was earlier on a free account at Though it was easier to manage, I was unable to make changes with the theme and there were restrictions with using PHP and other codes. Hiran, who setup his blog a few days before was my inspiration to move my blog to the new server. Also, my friend Krishnaraj, who designed a wordpress theme for his blog(not yet published) inspired me to have a self made theme for my blog. I haven’t messed up much with wordpress theming in the past, but managed to create a simple theme, yesterday night.

The whole theme is based on the colour brown(similar to what Ubuntu have). Though its not my favorite colour, I liked the look when implemented and settled with it. The layout of the site was based on a free HTML template, which I downloaded from net somewhere in the past. I forgot the site from which I downloaded it and so, I couldn’t give a back link. I’ll always be happy to give credits to the designer who basically designed the layout.

Still there are much more to improve. So, if you find any bugs with the site, please report. Comments about the site theme are always welcome.

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