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S3 classes started

3rd semester classes started today. There was nothing special. In the evening, there were a discussion between Shyam and Mahesh on TASM, MASM and NASM. Though I don’t know anything about the topics, me and Sajjad from S3 CSE-B also stayed with them. I stayed in the college lab till 6.45PM for the Debian installation and reached home by 7.45PM.

I created a GDM theme for GNULabs @ MESCE, with the background picture of a field and hills. I also tried using a picture of college, but it looked very wired.

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Today was the registration for 3rd semester. All were in a confusion on what has to be done. We weren’t given any clear instructions on what has to be done. Some how, we(Me, Krishnaraj and Aalok) completed the registration by 12PM. A personality development class was scheduled at 1.30PM. So, we had more than an hour to spare and we went to Bharathapuzha. Water had risen a bit more and so, we stayed on the banks itself.

The personality development class was mainly focused on soft skills and how to face an interview. I think its not the right time for such a class and few of my friends also agreed with me. It ‘ll be better to have one more class on the same topic during the starting of S5/S6.

Today evening, I called Mahesh for what we can do to promote free software in college. Mahesh conveyed the glad news that college authorities agreed to change the old RedHat to Debian and the installation works will be done after the classes. So, from tomorrow onwards, I am also going to be with them.

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