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Today was the official launch of Mozilla Firefox 3, the revolutionary open source web browser. Its aiming to setup a new world record of the most downloaded software in a day. Though my Beta 5 version of Firefox 3 upgraded automatically to Firefox 3 a week ago, I also became a part of the Guinness World record by downloading Firefox 3 from the college lab as a part of the download party organized at college by GNULab. Here is the screenshot of the certificate I got.

Mozilla Firefox 3 - Download Certificate

Mozilla Firefox 3 - Download Certificate

The only special thing that happened in these few days was that my mother’s sister and family came home from Chennai for┬ávacation. With these days at hostel and home, I noticed that I could study more when I am with my friends than I am alone.

MESTECH, the annual technical festival of MES College of Engineering is scheduled tomorrow and day after tomorrow. It will be a great miss for S1S2 students and especially me as I will miss a few seminars and contests.

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