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“Amongst the hundreds, I didn’t noticed her.
When I noticed, it was something new.
I got a good friend, who can understand.
A nice person to tell everything.
A shoulder to lean upon when I felt I am weak.
A shoulder god gave to me.
She become the Sun to me,
She wake me before the real one,
She filled my life with joy,
When she was there I didn’t felt the loneliness,
When she Smiled I smiled.
When she did not, I didn’t.
She was more than a friend to me.
She was more than everything I ever had.
She opened me a new world.
A new world with crying smiles..
A new world with smiling cries.
Suddenly all changed, she left me crying for ever.
I didn’t want her to cry.
Let my sorrows be my own.
Oh God!! Keep her amongst the angels.
Keep her high up in the sky.
So that I can see her.
Though she is not mine.”

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