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There was a meeting during noon in our college to discuss about the future activities of GNU Lab at MES CE. It could be considered as the first official one. Raju sir, Raghesh sir and a few students including Shyam and Mahesh were present. The participation in the meeting was less as the study leave for university exams for second and third years starts today.

The current active topics were discussed and Raju sir suggested to go through the previous years Google Summer of Code topics to get more for the GNU Lab. Other suggestion were to have the college labs open 24 hours and to provide the root password for students, so that they could do much more. Raju sir himself supported us by quoting IIT’s and NIT as examples and said that the authorities here are not much encouraging and the college could develop in these aspects only with their help. He also suggested few ideas to overcome such situations. I am a bit disappointed too, that the conclusion of the meeting was to give first years works like to introduce or work with a particular software or topic. I think there might be talented ones who could do much beyond that and the selection criteria should not be based on year or semester wise.

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Today, I went to the college just to attend the meeting of GNU lab. Mails were sent to the groups inviting all to participate. At first, the time was fixed as 10AM, but later shifted to 3PM. I was eager to see all who are there in the GNU Lab at the initial stage, but disappointed on seeing only Mahesh and Fahad there. We three went to the shore of Nila to discuss about the activities. Thus, we had our first meeting of GNU Lab in the shore of Nila, sitting in the sand. There wasn’t much to discuss and we just made a rough idea of what has to be done. Priority was given to the GNU Lab Website and a college based Debian distro, which includes all that a college student need and surely Compiz and good themes to amaze all. We also decided to conduct a meeting every 2 weeks, even though we doubt about the participation. The meeting lasted for only an hour and we all returned home.

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