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A family get together

A get together of the members of Kalarikkal Puthur Madom was conducted in the two days, 10th and 11th. The event was interesting as we children could see may of the unknown members. I was assigned the work of computer operation but the main job was catching the viruses. With Clamwin, I was able to remove them, but, few of them resided in my pen drive, with which, my collection of virus infected files in my computer crossed the landmark of 1500.

I also started a bit of localization(L10n), with the GNOME 2.24 – Malayalam files available at

Few selected snaps of the family get-together is given below:

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Today, was the day of the yearly celebration in the Vishnu and Shiva temple near my house. The celebration is commonly called as “Edayur Pooram”. The temple is said to exist even before 10000 years.

Its not a very big celebration, compared to those held at other temples. Many art forms like “Theyyam”, “Thara”, “Poothan”, “Panchavadhyam”, etc were present and its the only occassion where I could see such. Fireworks were also present during night.

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