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Anjuta IDE and GCC

Yesterday, I installed Anjuta IDE in Debian. But, I couldn’t compile the programs properly. I was getting an error that header file is missing. Same was the case with GCC too. So, I asked my sirs about it. They too don’t have any idea about that. Today, after spending more than an hour with it, I found out the error. The libraries which contain the header files needed for compiling programs were not installed properly and only the header files needed for the working of OS were present. After installing it from the Debian DVD, everything was ok.

Also, today we were taken to the computer lab in the college for the first time. The lab had all the systems installed with RedHat enterprise edition. But, the feedback I got from my classmates about the Linux was not impressive. They were asking that all these can be done with Windows too, then why Linux? Hope, we could change this way of thinking through our workshop.

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