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The situation is more serious than I thought. Not only my account at profusehost is suspended, but the domain name too. I got a mail today regarding that. This is what the mail says:

“Recently, we have been made aware that a domain name registered by you is being involved in Phishing Activities. All such domain names involved in any such activity, are strictly against Registrar’s AUP. Hence we have currently suspended the domain names due to such abuse.”

Still, I am not aware of what exactly happened. I have asked my domain registar to sort out the issue and also for the logs of my account from profusehost. The logs of my account might help to know what exactly happened. I think these all happened because of some misunderstanding and hope everything will be fine soon.

Also, I have changed the structure of Cool-Works website and servers. I lost my patience after waiting a long time for the domain to get registered. So, I registered a free domain name ( Till the main domain is registered, this will be the URL for the site. All the servers will be accessible as a subdomain of this. Currently, there are two; and

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