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How I lost one day

As I was asked to submit the certificates at college today, I went to Edayur village office in the morning itself. But, the village officer said that it must be bought from Irimbliyam village office as the address in SSLC book was that of my father’s house at Mankery. By 11.30PM, me and my father reached Irimbliyam village office. Even though there wasn’t much rush, it took about 3 hours to get the certificates; as the village officer had to go for some other works. I reached college just before office closing time and submitted the certificates. That’s how, I lost a whole day; simply for acquiring and submitting the certificates.

But I cam to know that Nativity certificate is valid for lifetime and Caste certificate for 10 years. So, it ‘ll somewhat reduce my chances to go to the village in the near future.

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