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I was excited watching the master blaster scoring the double century and becoming the first person to do so in ODI cricket. I rushed to my system to share my joy with the nettisons. It was then I saw a post by Hiran in facebook saying:

Some one added 225* as sachins score in wikipedia!

I just went through the link, but it was not there. But to my astonishment, found something else interesting.

I wonder if this was right.

So, there is no chance for it to be correct; atleast for team India. I tried to undo that change and came upto this new word: Vandalism.

Lets look what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of Wikipedia.

Don’t know whether this is wiki specific meaning; but was a new word to me.

After a few seconds, here comes another change.

Its now Brazil... Do they have a cricket team? I head about them only in football

This was just a beginning. Then came a creative edit by some Indian fan.

A creative edit

Sachin in tri-color. Its nice creative idea, but not suitable for a place like Wikipedia

How did these people play so much ODI's?

Now its 400*

Sachin is now 200, but with an extra star. Its fine, but who the hell is Saeed Tamrel in Pakistan team?

What satisfaction does people get by seeing their name in a popular wiki page for just a few secs or may be minutes? Here is a sample of the revisions happening for the page at that time.

A sample of revisions page

Okay, now it seems fine.

This seems fine

But then came these…

Does any one know a Kumar Vijay in Sri Lankan team?

India is not in the list... May be someone was trying to fix the changes made earlier.

I am also an Indian fan. But this is not a place to show that.

By that, I was tired and left the job of undoing the changes to someone else who will find hapiness in doing so. I might have missed many other similar changes due to my slow connection too(It tooks about more than a minute for me to reload the page). But, my question is why? A non profitable organization helping us to get all the information for free, who should people tamper with it?

The page normally had 3 to 4 edits per day, but at this particular 2 hour duration; from 4PM to 6PM IST, there were more than 300 changes made. Does anyone gets the benefit of these edits? The only thing I knew would have happened was the lose of time of people like me who love Wikipedia. I was eager to check the details of the edits and from where they came, but its exam time and I didn’t perform well in the one that was over today. So, going back to studies…

The page I was mentioning till now was If you are eager to know, just go and check out.

Some one added 225* as sachins score in wikipedia!

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The strike continued today too. But, there were rumors that some from girl’s hostel attended the exams and they just wrote their name and roll no in the answer paper. Anyway, the majority didn’t attend the exam and are hoping for a retest. A few of us(more than 10) went for the film, “Annan Thambi”, of Mammooty, which was released yesterday. At Popular Paradise, Valanchery, we had to wait for about 2 hours for the film to start. The film was interesting and Mammooty is in double role.

The IPL Twenty20(T20) also starts today. The days coming are that of T20 cricket. Details of IPL T20 can be found at

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What a fantastic play by the Indian cricket team under the captaincy of Dhoni. No one has expected this much from the team with all youngsters who don’t have any previous experience with Twenty20. India reached the finals by defeating Pakistan in the preliminary round, England and South Africa in the quarter finals and the world champions – Australia in the semi. Pakistan, defeated by India in the preliminary round, reached the final, defeating NewZeland in the semi. Among all the plays, the final was the best. India – Pakistan matches were always among the best but this time it was more special as both teams have more youngsters than experienced players.

India, who won the toss and batted first, scored 157 with the loss of 5 wickets. Yuvraj Singh, the hero in the matches against England and Australia could only score 14 runs. It was Gambir and Rohit Sharma, who helped India to achieve this score. The score was not a pretty good one but, they were able to defend it properly. Till the end, chances of winning for both teams changed time to time, and at last India won for 5 runs, making Pakistan all out for 153. In the last over, Pakistan needed 12 runs. Jogindhar Sharma, who was not much experienced was to ball the last over. First ball was a wide, second one – a dot ball and the third one was hit for a six by Misbah, who was on form. In the next ball, Misbah tried to hook it back and it ended safely in the hands of Sreesanth. It was a pay back from Sree for being among the expensive bowlers.

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