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Few of my friends and batch mates from MESCE have created a short film and was released in Youtube few days before. Sharing it here. Watch, leave your comments and share, if you liked it.

More about the team and their efforts at

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A month ago, I purchased a Sony Cybershot S2100 through eBay. Its a nice cam with 12MP, 3x optical zoom, a nice interface and cool features.
Even though I am not that good at photography, thought of updating my blog with few of the pics taken with it. Some are taken by my friends too…

Shots from Cybershot S2100 Random College Shots

Since I hate commenting on photos, you are also not allowed to do that. Its disabled not just because the gallery I use doesn’t support commenting 🙂

Expect more photos in the Random college photos album and a review of the Cybershot S2100 soon…

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Its a long time I have written something here. Everytime I think of it, I will get involved in something else and forget about it. This time, I can’t resist it.

Our friend, Shyam Karanattu passed away two days before. The saddest part is that it was a suicide. All people who know him are shocked to hear the news and has not yet recovered from it. Shyam was an active free software advocate and activist. Here is what Anivar has to tell about him.

For me, he was more than a friend. He was my senior at THSS Vattamkulam and also at MESCE, though he was in EC branch. He was one of the persons who has influenced me much. Even though I am attracted to FOSS a long time before, it was he who introduced me(and many others) to the FOSS Community and Swathantra Malayalam Computing group. Later, we became colleagues, organized many events at MESCE and participated in many events together. He was the major driving force for the formation of MES-FSUG group and GNULabs at MESCE.

He was so attracted to FOSS and whenever we talked, we end up with something related to it. After his B-Tech also, we kept in touch and the last time I contacted him was during the time of SMC Localization Camp at MESCE. He said he had some family functions and couldn’t attend and will try to be there for the next event. Now he left us without waiting for thee next event.

Here are few snaps of him from my collection.

He has also interviewed RMS during the conference.

Shyam Karanattu Interviewing Richard Stallman for Amrita TV

There are much more to say about him, but….
We all love you Shyam. You shouldn’t have done that, whatever the reason was.

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Its now more than 2 months, that we(me and my colleagues aka Flipperz) attended the class. More precisely, we last attended regular classes on 14th of August. On 15th evening, we left for our 5 day tour and when we were back, it was time for study leave. Theory exams were like a marathon, which took more than a month to finish, even though there were 6 subjects. After that came the DSA Lab practicals. Mine was over on 14th this month, but exams continues till 21st as we have two batches in CSE. So, as a result, almost 2 and a half months without classes, which is one of the largest gap, in my entire school/college days. Still, one more practical is left and there are chances for it to be being scheduled by the end of this month. So, the gap will increase again.

When there are regular classes, we all will be looking for ways to get a leave. Now, as far as I know, all are hoping for the classes to start soon; not because of the thrive to study, but it feels being irritated staying home, without the company of friends and the jokes and other stuffs that happens daily @ college. For me, I spent most of the time at Fastech Systems, doing this and that, playing network games, browsing net and so on.

What made me think about writing this post is the upcoming 5th semester, which we call by the pen name “S5”. Its just two months remaining to complete the portions and it makes me feel very HAPPY to think that 2 subjects have NOT yet started and there are more than 3 modules left in the rest. In this short time, we must attend two internals too…

Oh God, please have mercy on us. Please don’t make the teachers think of taking extra classes 🙁

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Mozilla Firefox and its clones were my favourite browser for a long time since its first release and I have been a member of spreadfirfox too from its beginning. Few months before, I joined mozilla campusrep program just because of fascination. I registered for the swag pack thinking of using it for the MESTECH, but was not sure whether I’ll be selected.

2 days ago, I received my swag pack, including a T-shirt(my size is small, but received a large), stickers, tattoos, badges, tags and armbands. Here are few snaps…

MESTECH, the annual technical fest of MESCE is currently scheduled on 18th and 19th of November. Hoping arrange a stall for FOSS and firefox.

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