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Hope you are aware of the campaign going on, in support to save Mullaperiyar Dam and the people of Kerala.

I am supporting the movement, by all possible means and urge you to be a part of it.

If you are not aware of the movement and the cause, please check the links below:

Just collected few of the banners/posters created by volunteers for the promotion of the campaign. Sharing them below. All the credits goes to the concerned persons behind the art.


I don’t care for the publicity stunts by putting logo of companies in the posters and banners related to the mullaperiyar issue. What I care is the real cause. The voluntary work of designers must also be appreciated. I am collecting more and more images related to the mullaperiyar campaign and can be found at:

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I pledge to switch of all the lights and electrical appliances in my house this Saturday from 8.30PM to 9.30PM to show my support to mother Earth and the Earth Hour campaign.

Show your support too…

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Without Wikipedia, I couldn’t have completed many of my assignments and reports. It gave me a lot of knowledge. This applies not to me, but for millions… So, its our duty to support Wikipedia and help it stay free!

I hope its not late to advocate for donating to Wikipedia. Send your small donations and help it stay free. I have started this new year donating a small amount to Wikipedia. Hope you will also do the same.

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